Camlok l j plate clamp

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Camlok L J Plate Clamp

Camlok L J Plate Clamp

Created by Camlok, this plate clamp is available with 2 different load capacities, with both variants offering additional protection to the materials that are being moved thanks to the inclusion of interchangeable contact pads.
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Basic benefits of the Camlok L J Plate Clamp

The LJ is ideal for lifting, turning and transporting sheet materials. 

·         The special pads on the jaws protect the sheet material from all marks. 

·         3 types of pads are available to suit various materials; rubber, leather and plastic. 

·         Can be used for steel, aluminium, iron and timber. 

·         2 models available with WLL from 500 up to 1500kgs. 

·         easy to maintain and repair. 

Additional considerations

The rated WLLs for the Camlok LJ range not only have upper limits, but also lower capacity requirements which need to be met in order to ensure complete safety. These lower limits are set at 25kg and 180kg respectively across the two models in the range. 

The versatility of this plate clamp is certainly convenient for operators who expect to encounter several different material types in the normal course of their duties. While some plate lifting solutions are suited to just one variety, the adaptations of the Camlok LJ make it appropriate for use in everything from construction to manufacturing and workshop tasks. 

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Camlok L J Plate Clamp dimensions

Model A mm B mm C mm D mm E mm F mm G mm H mm I mm 
LJ 500 127 200 50 52 69 86.5 76 13 20
LJ 1500 215 345 85 75 135 131 118 20 24
Model WLL (KG) Jaw capacity (mm) Weight (KG)
LJ 500 25-500 0-10 3.5
LJ 1500 180-1500 0-20 12