1000kg aluminium lifting gantry

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1000kg Aluminium Lifting Gantry

1000kg Aluminium Lifting Gantry

This 1000kg capacity aluminium gantry is lightweight in design and available to purchase from Lifting Gear Direct today. With height adjusting capabilities this is a great crane for site or factory work.

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1000kg Aluminium Gantry Crane Vital Statistics

This standard aluminium gantry is height adjustable in 100mm increments from 500mm below the maximum height. 

You can erect it and take it down again in 3 simple steps. It is supplied with 2 securing straps to hold the parts together for easier transportation. In terms of practicality and ease of use, there are few more convenient lifting setups available at the moment. So, if you are sick of having to lug a heavy steel gantry around with you, or need a model which offers more configurability, you have come to the right place. 

1000kg Aluminium Lifting Gantry Advantages

Because aluminium is a safe, stable, non-reactive material, this gantry can be used in clean environments. It will not be a cause for contamination in its own right, and will equally be able to withstand coming in contact with a number of potentially disruptive substances that might leave other assemblies suffering from rust and other types of corrosion quite quickly. 

Since it is corrosion resistant, you can take this crane almost anywhere with you and trust that it will operate reliably, without suffering wear and tear, day after day. 

Add-Ons & Safety Features

There are a number of optional components to add to your aluminium gantry crane order with Lifting Gear Direct, whether you pick this model with a one tonne load capacity, or select one of the many other units we sell

For example, you might want to improve the height adjustability, which is where the winch kit comes in handy. Rather than having to mess around with locking pins, you can simply spin the mechanism to raise or lower the lifting beam manually. 

Also available are feet which double up as parking jacks, which enables you to boost safety and stableness when the gantry is being used on an incline, or on irregular surfaces where lumps and bumps would throw it off-kilter. Whether you plan to use this gantry across different parts of the same work site, or intend to take it out on the road with you and visit different locations, it will be a reliable companion that boosts productivity and lessens the likelihood of injuries occurring due to lifting. 

Call us with your Gantry Crane Questions

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gantry options


SWL Model Number Beam Length Clear Span Trolley Travel Max Width Load Pin Height Min Load Pin Height Max Overall Height Min Overall Height Max Tread


1000KG LGD200608M 2000 1840 1209 2211 1904 2404 2180 2683 1381
LGD200610M 2404 2904 2680 3183
LGD200612M 2904 3404 3180 3683
LGD200808M 2500 2340 1708 2711 1904 2404 2180 2683
LGD200810M 2404 2904 2680 3183
LGD200812M 2904 3404 3180 3683
LGD201008M 3000 2840 2208 3211 1904 2404 2180 2683
LGD201010M 2404 2904 2680 3183
LGD201012M 2904 3404 3180 3683
LGD201208M 3500 3340 2708 3711 1904 2404 2180 2683
LGD201210M 2404 2904 2680 3183
LGD201212M 2904 3404 3180 3683
LGD201508M 4500 4340 3708 4711 1904 2404 2180 2683
LGD201510M 2404 2904 2680 3183
LGD201512M 2904 3404 3180 3683
LGD201808M 5500 5340 4708 5711 1904 2404 2180 2683
LGD201810M 2404 2904 2680 3183
LGD201812M 2904 3404 3180 3683
LGD202008M 6000 5840 5208 6211 1904 2404 2180 2683
LGD202010M 2404 2904 2680 3183
LGD202012M 2904 3404 3180 3683

aluminium gantry dimensions