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Green pin trawling bow shackles

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Green Pin Trawling Bow Shackles

Green Pin Trawling Bow Shackles

These special shackles are the bow shaped variety with the green pin showing its sign of quality. These green pin trawling bow shackles are ideal for many types of marine applications and are typically used by the fishing industry for connecting a wide variety of fishing and trawling equipment.

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Design & Shackle Load Limits

These shackles can be loaded from an angle (at lower WLL’s) so are perfect for attaching fishing/trawling nets and lines to towing gear and winches. In demersal trawling operations they are used for connecting bridle systems and otter boards; they can also be used for anchoring twin rig bottom trawlers and dredging equipment. 

Made from grade 6 steel – high tensile & quench & tempered with hot dip galvanized finishes for better resistance. This is particularly important in marine applications, where salt water and poor weather conditions can leave untreated metals in a sorry state fairly quickly. Obviously the same limitations will not impact this shackle range from LGD. 

Safety Specs & Certification

With a 6:1 safety factor you can be assured of the excellent safety properties of these green pin trawling bow shackles. Available with working load limits up to 25t these trawling bow shackles incorporate a square headed screw pin. 

We can supply test certs. raw material certs. and inspection certs. on request as well as the standard supplied EC conformity declaration

We also supply green pin trawling dee shackles for inline applications. It is important to get the right shackle for the job, so do not use too much hast when making a selection. Load limits and shackle designs make a big difference in terms of real world performance and lifting safety. So what other shackle options are there? 

Full Shackle line up

Special shackles like these trawling units are all well and good, but if you need general purpose shackles then LGD can also supply the right kit for the occasion. 

Our lifting shackle range includes both bow and dee shackles, with each family having its own subset of different products to browse. Then there are the stainless steel shackles, which are layered with a protective coating to keep out the elements and avoid corrosion for as long as possible. 

Across the line up you will find shackles with load limits of as little as 330kg, rising to more than a thousand tonnes on our green pin sling shackles

Talk to LGD about Green Pin Trawling Bow Shackles

Contact us if you require any additional information. It is easy to get in touch with our team, either by phone on 01384 76961 or with an email sent from our site. You can also get quotes and guidance when you talk to Lifting Gear Direct.



Dia Bow Dia Pin Dia Eye Width Eye Width Inside Length Inside Width Bow Length Bolt Botl Head Weight Each  
tons a mm b mm c mm d mm e mm f mm g mm h mm k mm kg trawling bow shackle
2 13.5 16 34 13 22 51 32 89 22 0.34
3.25 16 19 40 16 27 64 43 110 27 0.63
4.75 19 22 46 19 31 76 51 129 32 1
6.5 22 25 52 22 36 83 58 144 32 1.44
8.5 25 28 59 25 43 95 68 164 36 2.21
9.5 28 32 66 28 47 108 75 185 41 3.18
12 32 35 72 32 51 115 83 201 50 4.32
13.5 35 38 80 35 57 133 92 227 50 5.67
17 38 42 88 38 60 146 99 249 60 7.36
25 45 50 103 45 74 178 126 300 60 12.38