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Sling saver shackles

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Sling Saver Shackles

Sling Saver Shackles

These sling saver shackles do exactly as their name suggests, they help to reduce stress on the webbing and so extend the working life of the sling. This can be a more economical choice when pitched against a standard shackle. 

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Design of Sling Saver Shackles

These are essentially bow shackles though they have a wider and flatter bearing surface for the sling, this increases the efficiency of the webbing sling by spreading the distribution of the loads weight across the internal fibres of the webbing. This should help limit the amount of wear and tear that the webbing is subjected to over time. It will also allow the shackle to stay in a good condition for longer, which is important from a cost perspective, as well as when it comes to safety. 

These shackles easily meet all necessary requirements including proof loading, temperature requirements and critical performance requirements & fatigue life. 

Sling Saver Shackle Options

These sling saver shackles come in 2 varieties, a screw pin sling saver shackle and a bolt type sling saver shackle, with the latter incorporating a safety pin. Lifting Gear Direct can supply these sling saver shackles with working load limits rising up to 50 tonne. The most compact unit weights in at less than a kilo, while the largest tips the scales at 26kg. 

Whichever configuration you choose, please ensure that it is suitably sturdy for your needs. Using guesswork when it comes to load limits and lifting safety is not acceptable. 

Looking for Different Shackles?

Sling saver shackles serve a fairly specific purpose, so they might not be quite what you are looking for. In that case, you can still stick around on the Lifting Gear Direct site and find a shackle that is better adapted to your needs. 

In amongst our shackle range we provide stainless steel shackles that are easy on the eye and also better at rebuffing corrosive environmental elements. We also offer dee shackles of different types, including budget-friendly commercial varieties and market-leading green pin units. 

Perhaps you have already got enough shackles to go around, but need other equipment to complete the lifting assembly of your dreams? Our custom made crane and gantry systems might be a good place to start. We also stock wire rope products, including the rope itself and the relevant fittings to go along with it. 

Product info & Contact details

The specifications shown below will show you all the dimensions and technical information you should need, however if you need any more information on this or any other product, please contact us, either via the contact us page, rapid enquiry form or you can give us a call, our sales team are always ready to help with your enquiries. Ring us on 01384 76961 and we will do our best to assist you.

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