Cam straps

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Cam Straps

Cam Straps

Cam straps or tie down straps incorporate a length of webbing and a cam buckle fitting. They are the simplest and most cost effective way of securing objects. Custom cam straps can be made up to suit your requirements.

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About Cam Straps

Cam buckle straps are simple load restraints that are incredibly easy to use. They are ideal for securing small and medium loads, such as ladders to a roof rack, or holding items together for storage or transit.

In fact cam straps can be useful in many situations and are a useful piece of equipment to keep in your tool box and work vehicle.

Lifting Gear Direct have their own facilities with experienced machinists to custom make cam straps to best suit your requirements.

How to use a Cam Strap

One end of the webbing is usually already fixed to the cam buckle with strong stitching. The free end passes over or around the load and simply passes through the buckle where it can be pulled through to the desired tension around your load. The buckle's toothed wedge fitting will snap closed to grab the webbing and hold it securely in place.

Our popular endless cam straps come as a single length of webbing with an incorporated cam buckle. The open end of the webbing passes through the buckle and manually pulled for securing. Because this system relies on the strength of the user cam straps can rarely be pulled as tight as a ratchet strap.

To release the webbing you simply push the wedge away from the web strap to release the tension then simply pull the webbing back through.

More Load Restraints & Recovery Products

Lifting Gear Direct has a large range of load restraints and recovery equipment to choose from. From the simplest lorry rope and cam buckle straps to ratchet lashings and load binders. For towing and recovery we can provide towing straps, kinetic tow ropes, complete towing kits and wheel straps as well as shackles, chain and hooks.

The majority of these products can be custom made in our factory by our experienced machinists to suit your individual requirements.