Rapide aluminium lifting gantry

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Rapide Aluminium Lifting Gantry

Rapide Aluminium Lifting Gantry

If you need a lifting gantry which is compact and lightweight and that can be moved and assembled by just one person then this is the product you are looking for. The Rapide aluminium lifting gantry is new to the market and offers an innovative mobile lifting frame which is perfect for lifting operations out in the field.

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About the Rapide Aluminium Gantry

There are a good range of options available including 3 different heights; standard, medium and tall. They also have a range of top beam lengths to suit different scenarios.

The wheeled design or the gantry means that it can be wheeled to the required location with relative ease by a single worker. The gantry can be assembles by one person by using a scissor like technique, adjusting first one side and then the other. Once erected the aluminium gantry can still be moved around thanks to the swivel castors on each leg, these have brakes so the gantry can be locked still to prevent unwanted movement. There is also a winch bracket available to facilitate easy attachment of a winch.

No other tools are needed to assemble the gantry thanks to its innovative pin system which lock each part into place. These lifting gantries can also be used for positioning and fall arrest scenarios too. Though when personnel are attached to the gantry the overall safe working load will be reduced; you can find the relevant information in the tables below along with all the other technical information you will need.

Extra Options for the Rapide Aluminium Lifting Gantry

The Rapide comes with a trolley included but there are three different types to choose from. They can all be used for lifting loads and fall arrest situations with safe working loads of up to 500kg for loads and 140kg for personnel. The trolley choices are a trolley with a fitted masterlink for easier attachment of other lifting gear;  a close coupled trolley system for easier load and personnel movement across the beam, or a sheaved trolley that may be fixed in one position if required.

There are three different options for the feet too, they include swivel castors, standard feet which are articulated or there is an adjustable articulated leg. These options allow you to tailor the gantry to best suit the specific lifting application and where it is used.

The Rapide aluminium lifting gantry is available from Lifting Gear Direct in 3 different lifting capacities, these are 250kg, 400kg & 500kg and also in a range of beam lengths ranging from 2000mm up to 4000mm.

The Rapide mobile gantry can be utilised across many areas including clean environments. They have excellent resistance properties and are easy to maintain. Perfect for occasional or continuous use, these gantries can be used just about anywhere.

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Rapide Aluminium Lifting Gantry Specifications

Rapide  Gantry WLL Dimensions Unit Weight
Model Load Capacity (kg) Fall Arrest Capacity (persons) Personnel Positioning (kg) A beam length B C (min) C (max) D (min) D (max) E (min) E (max) F (min)  F (max)  G H (min)  H (max) J kg
Standard S20 500 3 250 2000 2076 1100 1500 1738 1938 1914 2114 2064 2264 1158 1850 2050 2190 33
S23 400 2 200 2300 2376 1200 1800 2376 34
S40 250 1 125 4000 4076 2700 3500 4076 40
Medium M20 400 2 200 2000 2076 1100 1500 1642 2042 1818 2218 1968 2368 1215 1755 2155 2076 34
M23 2300 2376 1200 1800 2376 34
M40 250 1 125 4000 4076 2700 3500 4076 40
Tall T20 2000 2076 1100 1500 1916 2816 2092 2992 2242 3142 1586 2028 2928 2631 38
T23 2300 2376 1200 1800 2631 39
T40 4000 4076 2700 3500 4076 44

Rapide aluminium lifting gantry

Rapide aluminium lifting gantry