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Ratchet load binders

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Ratchet Load Binders

Ratchet Load Binders

Amongst our load binder line up, the ratchet type models come in several specifications and can be used to improve safety by restraining heavier loads when they are in transit.

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Ratchet Load Binders Feature rundown 

Ratchet load binders for use with chains and hooks offer the following benefits.  

Ratchet system for easy tightening  

Drop forged cast steel  

Available in 3 lashing capacities, up to 5900kg  

Minimum breaking load = 3.5 x the WLL. 

How to use a ratchet load binder in Pictures

how to use a ratchet chain binder in pictures

 Benefits of a Ratchet Chain Binder

Each of the load restraint options we supply, including ratchet type load binders, improves the security and stability of different loads so that they can be shifted and stored swiftly and without the risk of injury or damage being done.  

As you can see from the table of technical data below, the ratchet type load binders we stock offer several different spec setups. Select the one which is right for you according to your needs, or ask us for more info using the contact details below.  

Because this relies on a ratchet mechanism for the purposes of tightening the chains and hooks around the load, it is quick and simple to use. Operators will be able to work with this type of equipment without a steep learning curve to overcome.  

Alternative kit to consider 

A ratchet type load binder will not be ideal for every restrain scenario but luckily at Lifting Gear Direct we provide plenty of other options to our customers across a range of industries.  

From ratchet lashings and cam buckles to ropes which have been made to measure just for you, there are lots of attractive options available.  

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Product Code Chain Dia A B C D E F G Take Up

mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
LBR810 08/10/22 355 66 16 254 750 580 13 170
LBR1013 01/10/13 355 66 16 254 770 600 16 170
LBR1316 13 - 16 355 66 16 254 840 685 19 155

Chain Dia Lashing Capacity Minimum Breaking Load Weight
mm kgs kgs kgs
08/10/22 2450 8575 4.82
01/10/13 4200 14700 5.92
13 - 16 5900 20650 7.85

ratchet load binder dimensions