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Toe jack gttj

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Toe Jack GTTJ

Toe Jack GTTJ

The GTTJ toe jack is ideal for industrial applications requiring a hydraulic lifting solution. 3000Kg and 8000kg options are available.

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Facts & Features of the GTTJ Toe Jack

The GTTJ hydraulic toe jack has been designed with a very low lifting toe profile in order to be positioned where there is minimal space.

For added safety the GTHJ toe jack comes with an inbuilt overload prevention device and will prevent the load from being lifted if it exceeds the maximum SWL.

Occasional maintenance may be required which will require the hydraulic fluid to be topped up or replaced with the appropriate fluid.

There are two model choices in this range, the first has a capacity of 3 tonne and a minimum toe height of 15mm, the second and largest has an 8 tonne capacity and a minimum toe height of 20mm. Both models have a lifting height of 140mm, see the details in the specification table above.

Using the GTTJ Hydraulic Toe Jack

Operation of the GTTJ hydraulic toe jack is pretty straight forward but it is recommended that you have some knowledge of how hydraulics work and be trained to use them.

To begin using this toe jack you will need to place it on a solid, stable surface. Next take the operating lever and insert the end with the notch into the release valve and turn clockwise too tighten the valve.

Next you should insert the lever into the piston socket and position the toe right under the load.

Now you can slowly pump the lever to raise the jack and load to the required height.

Lowering the toe jack is straight forward as it is the same as how you began the process by putting the lever, notched side into the release valve but this time turn it anti-clockwise to release the pressure and lower the toe and load.


It is worth noting that this industrial toe jack is to be used for lifting the load only. You are not permitted to work under the load unless other suitable equipment is used to support and stabilise the load.

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Hydraulic lifting equipment is a niche area and training and a good level of understanding are recommended in order that it is used appropriately and safely.

There is a a good variety of hydraulic products at Lifting Gear Direct to suit different tasks, from cylinders to pumps and various jacks. Hydraulic tools such as cutters are also available as well as commonly used hydraulic fittings like manifolds and couplers. So why not browse the full hydraulic equipment range to find your perfect lifting solution but please call us if you need any advice, we will always try to help.

Model Capacity Lifting Stroke Min. Toe height Lifting Range Weight
GTTJ3 3000kg 130mm 15mm 15 – 240mm 22kg
GTTJ8 8000kg 140mm 25mm 25 – 295mm 28kg