Y16 Yaletrac Cable Puller

Y16 Yaletrac Cable Puller

Tirfor TU8 Cable Puller

Tirfor TU8 Cable Puller

Y32 Yaletrac cable Puller

Choose the Y32 Yaletrac cable puller for the most powerful wire rope pulling machine from Yale, lift, pull and tension with great strength.

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Y32 Yaletrac cable Puller Features

This larger capacity 3200kg cable puller weighs in at 21kg (without the rope) so is fairly lightweight and still compact for easy transportation.

    • The two tandem levers are 790mm and 1190mm respectively, for ease of use. Because the levers are in-line it not only provides a slim device, but also enables the power to transfer directly along the centre line. It also enables a longer rope pull for each lever movement by evenly distributing the clamping forces; this in turn helps to protect the rope.
    • Shearing pins provide the overload protection, these can be replaced easily with the spares included, these are stored in the handle or lever.
    • There is a lever to disengage the clamps in order to re-thread or add new rope easily.
    • Yaletrac uses a special, flexible rope with 6 strands & a steel core; The rope is tapered at 1 end to facilitate easy threading and possesses an eye sling hook with a safety catch at the other end.
    • Easy to clean and lubricate via the larger opening on the top of the high tensile, aluminium steel housing.
    • The large surface area on the bottom of the unit provides extra stability

Options available:

    • Eye sling hook with safety latch
    • Longer ropes
    • Drum reel
    • Storage box
ModelY32 Yaletrac cable puller
Description3.2t w.H.lever w/o wire rope BU
Rope Weight (KG/M)1
Weight without rope (KG)21
Rope diameter (mm)16
Rope advance per double stroke (mm)40
Lever length (mm)790/1190
Lever pull at WLL daN50
Capacity (nominal load) (KG) 3200

Y32 Yaletrac cable Puller dimensions

B mm91
B1 mm110
H mm230
H1 mm330
L mm680
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