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Loadlink plus load cell straightpoint

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Loadlink Plus Load Cell Straightpoint

Loadlink Plus Load Cell Straightpoint

The Loadlink plus is the original tension load cell and still referred to as the best for everyday use. Buy today from Lifting Gear Direct.
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About the Loadlink Plus Load Cell

Having the right load and force calculation equipment on hand is essential for safe lifting, so the Loadlink Plus from Straightpoint might be an essential investment for anyone who wants to lower risks and improve productivity.  

Perks and design benefits

With a clear, easy to read integrated LCD display incorporating push button controls for easy access to a range of features.

Manufactured from high tensile aircraft grade aluminium making them 30% lighter than other comparable models on the market.


  • units, lbs, kg, kN, t
  • Functions, tare, peak hold, 100Hz peak force, preset tare
  • set point alarm
  • overload counter
  • high resolution - 5000 divisions as standard
  • RS-485 serial output for hand held or desktop connections
  • 6 digit display
  • 80 hour continuous battery life.

Handheld plus controller and/or desktop software available as optional extra (see image in gallery above)

Capacity capabilities & other variables

Clearly one of the most important aspects of any piece of lifting or load calculation equipment is the safe limit that is set by the manufacturer to determine the maximum weight it can manage. 

In the case of the Straightpoint Loadlink Plus, there are actually a number of different models to consider, each of which has its own WLL to consider. The capacity of the smallest model is just 1000kg, but the range extends far beyond this, with the heaviest duty example able to take 300 tonnes before its safe limits have been exceeded. 

All of the capacity information across this range, along with the safety factor information and other vital statistics, can be found in the table of technical data below. 


Like many of Straightpoint’s load cells and crane scales, the Loadlink Plus is built to withstand the worst that the working environment can throw at it. With IP55 protection, it will be well equipped to work seamlessly even if dirt, dust and moisture are present in the atmosphere. 

The use of hard wearing materials and the generally excellent built quality are enough to give you confidence in its quality. 

Other products

Our load cell and crane scale line-up includes models from Yale, Red Rooster, Dynafor and a multitude of other top manufacturers. 

Lifting Gear Direct can also supply high quality equipment across a range of other categories, including crane and gantry systems, hoists, wire rope and accessories. 

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Capacity 1000kg 2.5te 5te 12te 25te 35te 50te 75te 100te 150te 200te 250te 300te
Resolution 0.5kg 0.001te 0.001te 0.002te 0.005te 0.005te 0.01te 0.01te 0.05te 0.05te 0.1te 0.1te 0.1te
Units te, lbs, kg & kN
Weight 1.4kg 1.4kg 2kg 3.2kg 5kg 8.6kg 11.5kg 16kg 34kg 46kg 72kg 72kg 118kg
Safety Factor 12.1 05:01 05:01 05:01 05:01 05:01 05:01 05:01 05:01 04:01 05:01 04:01 05:01
Protection IP65
Battery Type 9v PP3
Battery Life 80 hours continuous
Display Type 6 digit 25mm LCD
Operating Temp -10 to +50 °C
Accuracy +/- 0.3% of applied load
Dimension A 204 204 249 305 340 393 424 470 608 670 700 700 806
Dimension B 43 43 43 47 60 75 75 75 99 99 144 144 150
Dimension C 101 101 101 101 115 126 163 202 255 303 320 320 426
Dimension D 146 146 165 193 215 225 230 260 320 360 350 350 350
Dimension E 24.5 24.5 38 47.5 55 60 76 76 109 109 132 132 160
Dimension F 48 48 66                    
Dimension G 19 19 32                    
Crosby Shackle G2130 G2140
Loading Pin Ø 19 19 25 35 51 57 57 70 83 95 121 127 152
loadlink plus dimensions