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Wirelink plus digital dynamometer load cell straightpoint

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Wirelink Plus Digital Dynamometer Load Cell Straightpoint

Wirelink Plus Digital Dynamometer Load Cell Straightpoint

Perfect for taking the guesswork out of the weight of your load. For optimum safety try this load cell from Lifting Gear Direct.
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About the Wirelink Plus Digital Dynamometer Load Cell

Straightpoint is a well-known manufacturer of load and force calculation equipment, with the Wirelink Plus falling into the load cell category and actually comprising a number of different measurement devices designed for different load capacities.  

Features & functions

The wirelink plus is a non-indicating version of the radiolink and loadlink models. Designed for use with the hand held plus digital display or PC software.

Lightweight and easy to handle the wirelink plus load cell is used for lifting, pulling, proof & structural load testing in many industries.

Can be configured with various formats, including mV/V, RS-442, RS-485, utilising the ASCII, MODBUS TRu & CAN-BUS protocols. A standard analogue output option is available. 10 metre cable as standard.

ICA1 3 wire 0-10v analogue output
ICA2 3 wire 0-5v analogue output
ICA3 4 wire +/- 10v analogue output
ICA4 3 wire 4-20mA analogue output
ICA5 2 wire 4-20mA analogue output

A full rundown of the performance potential of the various models in this range can be seen in the table below. You will see that the most compact unit in the range has a capacity of 1000kg, while the largest is rated to take up to 300 tonnes completely safely. Because there is so much variation in this range, paying close attention to the specifications is important and you can use our contact details to ask us any questions if you are uncertain over which to pick. 

Alternative load cell products

You might not want to put all your eggs in the Straightpoint basket from the word go, in which case it makes sense to scan through the other load cell products we have available to buy on our site. 

Brands such as Yale and Dynafor are also respected manufacturers operating in this niche, with rival load cells that give the Wirelink Plus a run for its money. You can even find cost effective options which cut back on some of the advanced features and still provide solid base level performance. 

In terms of the equipment that you might use in conjunction with your Wirelink Plus digital dynamometer, the good news is that we can also help here. From hoists to wire rope products, we have everything you might need. 

Here to help

Lifting Gear Direct will happily lend a helping hand if you want extra information and guidance when choosing between load cells or any other equipment. Our email form lets you get in touch online, while our sales hotline allows you to chat in real time by calling 01384 76961.


Capacity 1000kg 2.5te 5te 12te 25te 35te 50te 75te 100te 150te 200te 250te 300te
Resolution 0.5kg 0.001te 0.001te 0.002te 0.005te 0.005te 0.01te 0.01te 0.05te 0.05te 0.1te 0.1te 0.1te
Weight 1.4kg 1.4kg 2kg 3.2kg 5kg 8.6kg 11.5kg 16kg 34kg 46kg 72kg 72kg 118kg
Safety Factor 12.1 05:01 05:01 05:01 05:01 05:01 05:01 05:01 05:01 04:01 05:01 04:01 05:01
Protection IP67
Operating Temp -10 to +50 °C
Accuracy +/- 0.3% of applied load
Dimension A 204 204 249 305 340 393 424 470 608 670 700 700 806
Dimension B 43 43 43 47 60 75 75 75 99 99 144 144 150
Dimension C 101 101 101 101 115 126 163 202 255 303 320 320 426
Dimension D 146 146 165 193 215 225 230 260 320 360 350 350 350
Dimension E 24.5 24.5 38 47.5 55 60 76 76 109 109 132 132 160
Dimension F 48 48 66                    
Dimension G 19 19 32                    
Crosby Shackle G2130 G2140
Loading Pin Ø 19 19 25 35 51 57 57 70 83 95 121 127 152
Part Number ICA1 ICA2 ICA3 ICA4 ICA5
Description 3 wire 0-10v analogue output 3 wire 0-5v analogue output 4 wire +/- 10v analogue output 3 wire 4-20mA analogue output 2 wire 4-20mA analogue output
loadlink plus dimensions