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Forklift Hook Attachments

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Do you often wish you could safely lift loads from underneath the forks of your fork lift truck? Well now you can!

We have a range of fork lift hook attachments which simply put will turn your truck into a little crane. The hook attachments are really simple to fit, slide them onto the forks and lock in the retaining pin to the rear of the forks or the screw bolts, depending on the type chosen. The attachment consist of a steel beam fixed between the fork sleeves, to which a shackle in centrally located; on this shackle you will find a large suspension hook complete with a safety locking catch from where you can safely attach your load.

We currently have two models to choose from, one has a fixed reach whilst the other has an adjustable reach. The fixed reach model fixes behind the forks; the adjustable reach version can be fixed to any location along the length of the forks and is locked into position with 2 big ‘T’ type screws

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    2 Item(s)

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