Mauser drum grab contact pb

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Mauser Drum Grab Contact PB

Mauser Drum Grab Contact PB

Mauser drums or egg shaped drums can be more difficult to manipulate and often need special equipment made specifically for handling this type of drum.
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 About the PB Mauser Drum Grab

The PB Mauser drum grab works the same and the other PB drum grabs. It slides onto the forks of a forklift truck where it can be secured by the screw clamps; checking these periodically throughout use is a good idea to ensure the attachment remains securely in position.

Handling a 210 litre lidded Mauser drum is easy with this piece of equipment; the jaw like grab will grip the rim securely and use the weight of the full drum to apply the forces needed to keep the grab firmly closed throughout the application. This drum grab can handle up to 750 kg but is should not be used to lift empty drums.

The PB Mauser Drum Grab has a lower supporting frame which should be positioned around the lower but widest section of the drum to provide extra support whilst the drum is being moved. This model also incorporates a height adjustment feature to ensure the rim grab is in the correct position. The grab will automatically grip the drum when lifted and the drum’s weight is applied.

Lifting Gear Direct can supply the PB Mauser drum gram for single drum handling or for handling 2 drums at a time. The capacity for the double drum grab literally doubles the single model to 1500 kg.

Other Drum Handling Ideas

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Model Capacity (KG) To suit drum type  Fork entry size (mm)
PB-1-MAUSER 750 MAUSER 4 140 x 50
PB-2-MAUSER 1500 MAUSER 4 140 x 50

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