Forklift drum positioner contact fdp

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Forklift Drum Positioner Contact FDP

Forklift Drum Positioner Contact FDP

Do you have the need to re position drums? Do you have a fork lift truck? If the answer to both of these questions is yes then this drum positioner may be just what you need. They can be operated without the need to leave the seat of your fork lift truck, ingenious!
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About the FDP drum Positioner

The FDP drum Positioner is a piece of lifting equipment which has been specially designed to fit onto the forks of a fork lift truck and make drum handling much easier. Two screw clamps secure the FDP to the forks in a matter of seconds, ensure they are tight and re-check frequently whilst in use.

There are two models in the FDP drum positioner range, one has 3 tines and one has 4 tines. The 3 tine model is great for loading and unloading drums from pallets and racks. All 4 drums can be placed or removed from the corners of the pallet. The 4 tine model is great for stacking drums in racking systems or where there is limited clearance above the drums.

How to use the FDP Drum Tines

Both variations operate in the same way. There is no need for manual handling at all with the FDP drum positioner due to the fact that it is operated from the seat of your fork lift truck via a pull cord. Drums can be picked up in any orientation, vertical or horizontal and set down in the opposite orientation. So if you need to lift a drum vertically and set it down horizontally or vice versa, you can with the FDP drum tines.

To lift a drum from a vertical orientation you should first lower the tines so they rest on the ground for support, the pull cord can then be operated in order to release/unlock the tine handle. Now you can raise the forks so the tines hang vertically; position the tines over the drum and lower until contact is made with the top of the drum. Next you can reverse the forklift whilst lowering the forks simultaneously; this should be done slowly in a controlled manner. This movement will lay down the drum to the horizontal position and will automatically lock into place; the drum can now be lifted and transported in this position.

This process is completed in reverse for lifting horizontally and setting down vertically; however, as the attachment locks automatically in the horizontal position the pull cord will need to be pulled when you are ready to position the drum from horizontal to vertical. So lift the drum horizontally in the locked position, lower to rest tines on ground then pull the release cord, slowly lift the forks and the drum and tines will fall to the vertical position.

Types available

We supply the FDP fork lift drum tines in various model formats. They can all be used on steel drums and/or L & XL plastic drums of the 210 litre variety. Some models can handle just one drum at a time whilst others can handle 2 drums together. Stainless steel models are also available on request.

Lifting Gear Direct is able to supply, repair, service and inspect this type of equipment or any other kind of lifting gear. Our drum handling range is vast and offers multiple ways to manipulate any drum type.  Get in touch if you need advice or a quote, we are often the cheapest supplier around.


Forklift Drum Positioner Contact FDP dimensions

Model Capacity (KG) No. Of drums Drum Types A pocket length B fork spread C fork width  D fork thickness
FDP-1 400 1 1 & 2 900mm 567mm 140mm 60mm
FDPF-1 400 1 1 & 2 900mm 567mm 140mm 60mm
FDP-2 800 2 1 & 2 900mm 567mm 140mm 60mm
FDPF-2 800 2 1 & 2 900mm 567mm 140mm 60mm

drum types

Model Weight (KG) C of G LLC 
FDP-1 95 770mm 165mm
FDPF-1 106 850mm 165mm
FDP-2 145 1080mm 165mm
FDPF-2 167 1250mm 165mm