Mcwhu dini argeo crane scale

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MCWHU Dini Argeo Crane Scale

MCWHU Dini Argeo Crane Scale

Loads of up to a whopping 35 tonne can be weighed with the MCWHU Dini Argeo Crane Scale. With an easy to read display and great precision you can assess your load with confidence.
  • Brand:: Dini Argeo
  • Product Code: mcwhu-dini-argeo-crane-scale
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MCWHU Dini Argeo Crane Scale Basics

 The MCWHU Dini Argeo Crane Scale has a capacity of 10000-35000 with an approved division of 5.

  • 40mm red LED display.
  • Precision: =/- 0.1 F.S.
  • Waterproof 5 key - keypad with zero;mode;tare;print auto 7 on/off.
  • Radio frequency 60key configurable remote control.
  • Removable, rechargeable battery pack with 60 hours of use.
  • Designed to be combined with MCWHBK option for continuous use.
  • Recharge can be carried out either directly or through an external charging device with the MCWHBK option.
  • Digital set up & calibration straight from keypad using a sample weight.
  • Equipped with 230vac 50Hz battery charger for charging the battery from the crane scale.
Code Max d M
  (kg) (kg) (kg)
MCWHU10-2 10000 2 --
MCWHU15-2 15000 2 --
MCWHU25-2 25000 5 --
MCWHU35-2 35000 10 --
MCWHU10M-2  10000 -- 10
MCWHU15M-2  15000 -- 10