Mcwn dini argeo crane scale

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MCWN Dini Argeo Crane Scale

MCWN Dini Argeo Crane Scale

Weigh your loads with accuracy with the MCWN Dini Argeo Crane Scale. Easy to calibrate, read and fit.
  • Brand:: Dini Argeo
  • Product Code: mcwn-dini-argeo-crane-scale
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MCWN Dini Argeo Crane Scale Features

The MCWN Dini Argeo Crane Scale has different capacities available from 300kg to 9.5T.

  • 25mm backlit display for easy visibility.
  • Upper and lower shackles included.
  • Infrared remote control with an 8 metre range and may be configured as a single automatic tare or as a remote keypad.
  • 5-key waterproof keypad with keys for zero; semi auto; preset tare; mode; print & on/off.
  • 4 x AA batteries supply the power (may be rechargeable) with aprox. 40 hours of use. (without radio frequency communication)
  • Digital calibration & programmable set up straight from the keypad or a PC with 'Dini tools' program.
  • Precision: +/- 0.03% on FS.
  • Compact design with minimum distance between upper & lower shackles.
  • RS232 serial port on RJ45 connector for quick programming with Dini tools.
Code Max d M
  (kg) (kg) (kg)
MCWNT1-2 300/600/1500 0,1/0,2/0,5 --
MCWNT1M-2  1500 -- 0,5
MCWN11T6-1 1500/3000/6000 0,5/1/2 --
MCWN11T6M-1  6000 -- 2
MCWNT9-1 3000/6000/9500 1/2/5 --
MCWNT9M-1  9000 -- 5