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Pfaff Electric Pallet Trucks

Pfaff Electric Pallet Trucks

Pfaff offer 2 versions of their electric pallet trucks, the EGU and the EGU 15N Joker

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About the Pfaff Electric Pallet Trucks

The EGU range offers 3 models with lifting capacities from 1500kg up to 2200kg.

The EGU 15N offers 1 model with a lifting capacity of 1500kg.

The standard EGU 15n 'Joker is ideal for moving palletised items over even ground with short distances. With a rapid start to the powerful motor the electric controls enable easy and precise load handling. The lowering speed may be finely tuned for sensitive lowering. Incorporating maintenance free motor and batteries, battery charge indicator, entry rollers, pressure relief valve and electro-magnetic brake. 

The EGU range offer both pedestrian and driver platform options and is ideal for heavier duty applications, ideal for use on ramps and loading/unloading container lorries. The compact housing chassis is robust, easy to drive and steer and able to operate in tight spaces. Incorporating a multifunctional control handle, impulse control for stepless regulation of driving speed, anti-crush device on handle and a slow moving function when the handle is upright to allow easier movement in tight spaces.

Type      EGU PS 15  EGU PS 22AC  EGU PS 22AC FP   Type      EGU 15N Joker
Lifting capacity  kg    1500 2200 2200   Lifting capacity  kg    1500
Operation      Pedestrian  Pedestrian  Driver platform Wheel base  mm Y  1279
Load centre  mm  c  600 600 600 Weight (with battery)  kg    165
Tyre type*  -    PUR/PUR  PUR/PUR  PUR/PUR Load centre  mm c  600
Steering rollers  mm    252 x 89  230 x 75  230 x 75 Tyre type*  -    PUR / PUR
Load wheels  mm    84 x 70  84 x 70  84 x 70 Steering rollers  mm   200 x 70
Stroke  mm  h3  120 120 120 Load wheels  mm   80 x70
Fork height, maximum  mm  h15 205 205 205 Stroke  mm h3  115
Steering handle height  mm  h14 1235 1323 1323 Height of control handle (min/max)  mm h14  850/1295
Fork height lowered  mm  h13 85 85 85 Fork height lowered  mm h13 85
Total unit length  mm  L1  1590 1815 1965 Total unit length  mm L1  1666
Outside fork width  mm  b1  520 540 540 Overall width  mm b1  560
Fork width  mm  e  160 160 160 Fork width  mm e  160
Useable fork length  mm  l  1150 1150 1150 Useable fork length  mm l  1150
Aisle width pallet  mm  Ast  1944 2305 2305 Floor/ground clearance  mm m2  37
Turning circle radius  mm  Wa  1480 1640 1640 Aisle width pallet  mm Ast  1961
Travel speed with/without load km/h   5.0/5.2  5.8/6.0  5.8/6.0 Turning circle radius  mm Wa  1570
Lowering speed with/without load m/s    0.42/0.27  0.30/0.27  0.30/0.27 Travel speed with/without load  m/h   4.2/4.6
Gradient with/without load %    5/8 9/15 9/15 Lowering speed with/without load  m/s   metered
Battery      Semi-traction Traction  Traction Gradient with/without load  %    4/10
Battery voltage  V/Ah   2 x 12/80  24/210  24/210 Battery voltage  V/Ah   2 x 12/40
Weight (with battery)  kg    286 512 525 Battery weight  kg    30