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Solar panel lifting bags

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Solar Panel Lifting Bags

Solar Panel Lifting Bags
3 January, 2023

Solar Panel Lifting Bags for easier Installation 

With the cost of living rising and many consumers seeking greener electricity, consumers are exploring alternatives to decrease expenditure and reduce their carbon footprint. Installing solar panels to your home is one of the ways to do this. Solar panels are an investment that will last a lifetime, a low-maintenance photovoltaic system that converts sunlight into electrical energy to power your home or business premises at lower costs with renewable energy. The installation of solar panels can be a tricky process but can be made uncomplicated with the correct equipment. 

How do solar panel lifting bags help? 

Solar panel lifting bags ensure a safe working environment during the install process. They can speed up installation time whilst simultaneously protecting the solar equipment. All solar panel lifting bags feature an open-end velcro design which enables quick and easy access to unload once the solar panels are lifted. This open-end design also takes off the pressure on the valves at the edges of the solar panel, causing no costly damage during installation. The velcro is durable yet strong giving the perfect solution when lifting. The bags incorporate webbing handles and all round sling to enable good stability whilst in motion.

Can solar panel lifting bags move multiple panels at one time?

The majority of solar panel lifting bags are made with heavy-duty materials, with polyester webbing slings stitched in for the added strength and protection needed when lifting. Several designs can lift a maximum of 200kg, with a closed measurement of 220cm (width) and 120cm (high) meaning solar panel lifting bags can be used for multiple panels at once. They provide a fast and efficient solution for the transportation of solar panels.

Are solar panel lifting bags multi-functional?

If you may think these lifting bags can only be used for solar panels, think again! 

There are many uses for solar panel lifting bags, due to their large size and heavy lifting capacity most flat panel type items including windows, plasterboard, and plywood sheets can also be manoeuvred safely using the same lifting method. Meaning once your job is complete and the solar panels are installed the lifting bags can be used time after time for multiple lifting projects.