Tiger PROLH Lever Hoist

Tiger PROLH Lever Hoist

Tiger TLH Lever Hoist

This compact and lightweight ratchet lever hoist from Tiger is a rugged device suitable for lifting, pulling and tensioning applications and with a great lifting capacity range going from 0.25 tonne up to 10 tonne, the application possibilities are vast.

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Tiger TLH Lever Hoist
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About the Tiger TLH Industrial Lever Hoist

Ideal for industrial applications the TLH lever hoist is a robust device, thanks to the pressed steel design; The handle/lever the gear casing and the brake cover are all high quality pressed steel and give the hoist high resistance to impact damage. The exterior is finished in a powder coating for good corrosion protection

Drop forged, heat treated hooks are used for the anchor hook and load hook. They are fitted with a heavy duty latch which is spring loaded and fully engages into the recessed nose of the hook for maximum load security.

End stops are located on the chain for easier chain positioning whilst in the free chaining mode. The end stop can also hold just over 2 x rated capacity.

High gear ratio ensures this lever hoist is easy to use with minimal effort required. Operation is smooth thanks to the precisely machined triple spur gears. The safety brake on the industrial TLH ratchet lever hoist has a twin pawl design and engages instantaneously when operation stops, the load will be securely held. With a 360 degree rotation, the handle makes light work of operating the lever hoist.

This industrial ratchet lever hoist has recessed forgings which give total protection to the load chain. There are anchor bolts on all bottom hooks and models with multi-fall hooks have a protected load sheave.

Tiger TLH Lever Hoist at a glance

· Handle, brake cover & gear case made from pressed steel.

· Impact resistant gearbox housing.

· High gear ratios, to keep physical effort to a minimum.

· Single handed free-wheeling operation.

· One piece pinion gears.

· Heat treated drop forged alloy hooks.

· 360° handle rotation.

· Short stroke & low lever pulling effort.

Other Lifting Gear

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Tiger TLH Lever Hoist dimensions

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