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Topal hf drum clamp

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Topal HF Drum Clamp

Topal HF Drum Clamp

The HF drum clamp or drum lifting tongs are for lifting steel drums horizontally.
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About the Topal HF Drum Clamp

They are semi-automatic, whereby the tongs are located at the edges and as the clamp/tong is lifted the weight will ensure the tongs grab and remain firmly gripped to the drum until it is set down again.

Fits drum sizes from 440mm up to 920mm in length.

Ref WLL (KG) Opening A B C D E F G H I Weight (KG) 
    Min Max         Min Max   Min opening Max opening      
HF05-440-920 500 440 920 52 69 18 12 564 1003 1088 568 300 60 32 6