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Topal VFA Automatic Drum Clamp

Topal VFA Automatic Drum Clamp

The VFA is an automatin steel drum lifting clamp for vertical lifting.
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About the Topal VFA Automatic Drum Clamp

Manual intervantion is not needed as the auto-system will grip when lifted and release when set down.

Proportional clamping to minimise drum deformation.

Very stable in operation and incorporates Nytril, carbon resisting pads for extra safety and security.

Ref WLL (KG) DrumØ A B C D E F G H I J Jaws length L Weight (KG) 
      Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max                
VFA 025 300 600 530 672 840 850 903 910 237 243 20 117 80 64 23 96 310 27