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Topal rb manhole hooks

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Topal RB Manhole Hooks

Topal RB Manhole Hooks

The Topal RB is a hook system designed for lifting and positioning of both cylindrical and square concrete pipes.
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About the Topal RB Manhole Hooks

Always used in pairs or sets of 3 to ensure good stability.


  • Indexed surfaces ensure a sound grip
  • minimised damage due to proportional clamping
  • Handle incorporated for easy handling
  • available in 500kg, 1000kg & 1500kg WLL
Model A B C E F G H I J Ø
RB1.5 40-110 376 340 210 39 67 116 6 X X X

Topal RB Manhole Hooks dimensions

Model WLL pair (KG) Opening mm Weight pair (KG)
    Min Max  
RB1.5 40-110 500 40 110 9.3


Chain Slings 
RBE1 1000 2-legged chain sling/L=1500mm/Ø6mm/grade 80
RBE1500 1500 3-legged chain sling/L=1500mm/Ø6mm/grade 80