Tycan chain fittings

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Tycan Chain Components

Tycan Chain Components

On this page you will find a collection of Green Pin components suitable for use with Tycan fibre chain. There is also a ratchet load binder for use with the Tycan lashing chain. Buy your fibre chain components from Lifting Gear Direct today.  

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Types of Components for Tycan Fibre Chain

Lifting Gear Direct can supply several types of components to help with fitting and connections when using Tycan fibre chain whether it is the lashing type or the lifting type.

All products here are manufactures from high tensile grade 10 steel apart from the chain hook (P-6720A).

These components can be used within a wide temperature range from -40 degrees right up to +200 degrees C. They all have a minimum breaking load strength of 4 times the stated working load limit for optimum safety. Each components is stamped with a traceability code, manufacturers identification code, product Id, material grade and safe working load. Certification is available on request.

In this collection you will find a couple of clevis type hooks which allow direct connection to the Tycan chain, these are also fitted with a safety catch or locking pin for additional safety.

We also offer a master link quad assembly which is ideal for creating with multi leg chain slings. There is also a standard master link for more straight forward tasks. Component connectors are available in 2 forms, the GPPUMJT and the UMJ. These types of fittings enable connections between two items, this could be two lengths of chain or a chain and hook anchor.

The choice will enable you to make up a suitable fibre chain assembly to suit your requirements, you should read and follow all guidelines for Tycan chain, you can find user manuals in the download section on each chain page.

Another product which we can now offer is the grade 10 ratchet load binder. This new product is perfect for using with the Tycan lashing chain and will make light work of restraining your cargo whilst offering great protection thanks to the chain softness.

Other Lifting Chains & Fittings

Lifting Gear Direct can supply a great range of chain and components in grade 8, grade 10, or stainless steel in chain sling formats which include 1, 2, 3 & 4 leg slings as well as endless chain slings. We can also supply lifting chains and fittings from top manufacturers such as Pewag, Cartec and Rud should you prefer.

Should you require more information, advice or a quotation then please get in touch via phone call or email.

Tycan chain component specifications