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UK Lifting Product Equipment Online Store

UK Lifting Product Equipment Online Store
19 April, 2023

When you need lifting product equipment whether it is a one off item, multiples or a collection of different items you will be able to buy them all online from one place at Lifting Gear Direct

Our UK lifting product equipment store enables easy online purchasing of many lifting items direct, using a variety of safe payment methods including PayPal, Stripe, Visa and Mastercard.

For bespoke items such as Lifting Gantries and Jib cranes or items marked POA (price on application) you can email us or give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your needs and provide a quick no nonsense quotation; orders and payments can be taken over the phone too and we will provide an estimated delivery date with updates as and when needed.

Lifting Gear Direct is a long established company and well respected in the UK with many of our customers returning ones. One of the biggest advantages of ordering from us is that we can offer many other back up services, unlike many other online stores. We don't just sell, we manufacture, install, inspect, maintain, test and repair many types of lifting gear across the whole of the UK and are proud to be one of the cheapest out there.

Lifting Product Equipment By Lifting Gear Direct

The range of lifting gear we can supply is far reaching, way too many to list here so why not visit our website and browse away, you are sure to find what you need.

From the smallest lifting shackles and eye bolts to lifting slings, load restraints, hydraulic lifting equipment, lifting clamps and winches or perhaps our largest mobile lifting gantry.

Hoisting equipment is just one of our specialities, in this category you will find different types of manual hoists such as chain blocks and lever hoists as well as a vast range of powered hoists like electric chain hoists, air hoists and wire rope hoists. The latest addition to this range is the Delta DEH electric hoist, we are the leading UK Delta partner and importer of this quality hoist and aim for consistent stock availability so we can boast rapid delivery. So if you need an electric hoist then we recommend trying our Delta hoist, it is fast becoming one of our best sellers so you won't be disappointed.

Other types of commonly used lifting gear include items used in the construction industries. Solar panel lifting bags are extremely popular at the moment as solar panel installation is at its highest as we try to reduce our carbon footprint. Scaffold hoists and their many accessories are also popular due to the increase in home building projects. We keep the most popular of these items in stock for quick delivery such as the HE235 scaffold hoist.

Lifting Gear Direct Cranes

We have our own factories, experienced fabricators and a team of engineers which allows us to manufacture bespoke crane systems. Mobile lifting gantry systems are extremely popular and are custom made by our team for many different industries. Their main benefit is that they can be wheeled to wherever a load needs lifting.

Jib cranes can be floor, wall or column mounted and provide a rotating arm the enable loads to be lifted and moved within the radius of the jib arm. Both can be customised according to your needs and with safe working loads up to 5000kg on gantries and 3000kg on Jib cranes available your workplace lifting tasks will become easier, quicker and safer.

Although these items cannot be ordered directly online, due to them being bespoke and made to order, an email or quick phone call to 01384 76961 with your requirements is all that is needed.

Why order online from Lifting Gear Direct

We aim to make each and every order go as smoothly as possible from the initial enquiry and quote to the order, payment and delivery. Customer satisfaction is a priority and although there are times when things do not go as smoothly as we like, often due to reasons beyond our control we always do our very best to meet our customers requirements.

Check out our excellent Trust Pilot Reviews for further clarification.