Where To Use An ATEX rated Safety Harness

Where to use an atex rated safety harness

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Where To Use An ATEX rated Safety Harness

Where To Use An ATEX rated Safety Harness
22 February, 2021

In many industries, a full body harness is needed to stay safe while working up high and offer extra security, while others need to be able to combat explosive atmospheres. Depending on the environment you find yourself in, you might encounter explosive materials and be working with different chemicals which could potentially ignite.

This is why experts have designed a body harness which specifically combats these dangerous environments and ensures that workers are kept safe. They use and woven with unique materials that make all of this possible and ensure that ignition doesn’t occur while they are being worn. They are known as ATEX rated safety harnesses.

How Do ATEX harnesses Combat Explosive Atmospheres?

Some body-harnesses contain technology that makes them safe to use in explosive atmospheres and this is down to the type of materials that they use. Antistatic and spark proof harnesses use different materials from a regular full body harness and in particular, they contain polyester webbing antistatic woven with steel threads into the webbing, which is what gives them their unique properties.

This ensures total conductibility, which prevents electrostatic discharges occurring. These would ignite the explosive and volatile atmosphere, which is a workplace hazard that should certainly be avoided and can be, with the right full body harness.

Find out more about ATEX equipment here.

Which Body Harnesses Offer This Unique Feature?

There is one type that has been leading way when it comes to this fantastic safety feature and that’s an ATEX rated harness. The ATEX full body harness is just one of their harnesses that have lots of safety features, as well as the anti-static feature that is needed to safely work in explosive situations. Here are a few more features of this safety harness:

  • Adjustable straps for your shoulder, chest and thighs

  • A comfortable sit strap

  • One D ring and two textile loop offering extra safety and security

Industries That Would Benefit from ATEX rated Technology


This industrious industry contains a lot of chemicals, gases and difficult to navigate areas deep under the ground and for all these reasons, explosive atmospheres could be present. Most explosions that occur in mines are due to flammable gases, dust and air all mixed together, then all that is needed is an ignition to cause an explosion.

This is why the antistatic feature of some harnesses, means that even if you encounter these sorts of environments, an explosion won’t be caused.


This industry produces organic products through a refining process, which can include things like natural gas, rubber, plastic and pesticides. As you can imagine, these chemicals can be potentially dangerous and as they are produced in such huge amounts and so preventing ignition is of the utmost importance.

This makes antistatic body harnesses integral when performing maintenance jobs and getting up close and personal with volatile elements.

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