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Yale cpv 10 8 electric hoist

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Yale CPV 10-8 Electric Hoist

Yale CPV 10-8 Electric Hoist

Endowed with a single chain fall and a speedy 8 metres per minute main lifting speed, the CPV 10-8 from Yale is one of many models in the CPV/F range
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So what does it have to offer and why is it worth considering as your next lifting gear purchase?

How it the CPV/F 10-8 Electric Hoist performs

The CPV 10-8 is a straightforward electric chain hoist that offers users the opportunity to improve productivity and make their lifting operations both safer and more efficient. Its 8 metres per minute lifting speed is a little swifter than some of its stable mates, while its 1000kg working load limit lets it manage larger equipment and cargo without faltering.

The onboard motor is not only efficient and powerful, but also manages to stay in a good condition for longer thanks to its IP 55 rating. It can stay dust-free and also resist liquid damage, which are both useful attributes for any equipment that is intended to be used in a commercial setting.

How it compares

Yale is known for its quality lifting kit and the CPV 10-8 certainly meets the high standards set by this brand. It is also not the only option on the market; there are competing hoists from Liftket, GIS and several others to choose and compare on our site.

How to order

You can find out more about this and any other lifting product by giving us a call on 01384 76961 or letting us know what you need via email.

CPV 10-8 dimensions

Model  CPV 10-8
A, mm 431
A1, mm 234
A2 (Size I), mm 564
A2 (Size II), mm 644
A2 (Size III), mm 734
A2 (Size IV), mm 934
B, mm 29
B1, mm 20
C, mm 35
C1, mm 45
C2, mm 154
D, mm 21
D1, mm  15
E, mm  326
G, mm  140
G1 (Size I), mm 175
G1 (Size II), mm 175
G1 (Size III), mm 175
G1 (Size IV), mm  175
H, mm 186
H2, mm 186
K (CPV), mm 285
K (CPVF), mm 285
M (Size I), mm  209
M (Size II), mm 209
M (Size III), mm  209
M (Size IV),mm  209
N?, mm  274
Model Capacity in kg/number of chain falls Chain dimensions d x p (mm) Classification FEM/ISO Lifting speed main lift m/min Lifting speed fine lift m/min Hoist Motor (kW) Motor Rating ED% Weight suspension lug (KG)
CPV 10-8 1000/1 7.1 x 20.5 1Am/M4 8   1.5 50 58