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Yale CPV/F Electric Hoist with Integrated Trolley

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Tel: 01384 76961

Yale CPV/F Electric Hoist with Integrated Trolley

This powered lifting device incorporates the standard CPV/F electric hoist with an integrated trolley system, The Hoist Incorporates all the same specifications and optional extras as the stand alone CPV/F models (see more details on the Yale CPV/F Electric Hoist page)


CPV/F Trolley Hoist Load Capacities & Travel Speed

This electric trolley is perfect for loads above 1000kg and for moving them across long distances, they are also ideal for frequent use.

The electric trolley system  has travelling speeds up to 18 metres per minute (please refer to tables below) and can fit beam flange widths up to 300mm with thicknesses up to 19mm. 

There are obvious advantages to this product over a manual push operated trolley and electric hoist pairing. It makes the system suitable for heavy duty, high cycle rate operations where the lifting gear has a major impact on the levels of productivity. 

Yale Electric Hoist Safety Measures 

Like other hoists in the range of lifting equipment from this manufacturer, the CPV/F is kitted out with a number of features that are designed to protect operators from harm. This includes a slipping clutch that ensures that the brakes activate in an emergency and prevent dropped loads.   

Even if the power is cut, the electromagnetic brakes will kick in and prevent the chain from lowering when it is supporting heavy objects.   

CPV/F Trolley Hoist Maintenance Benefits & Extras 

From the tried and tested motors to the thoroughly lubricated gearbox, every important component of this hoist and trolley assembly has been designed with durability in mind. Accessing these parts to perform maintenance is also easy, whether you need to replace the chain, fix a fault or carry out any other important task to keep the hoist running smoothly. 

On top of the standard features, there are optional add-ons that can be specified for this range. You can replace the pendant control unit, which is always attached to the hoist, with a remote alternative for greater freedom of movement. You can add thermal overload protection to prevent the motor suffering damage during intensive operations. There is even a Yale-branded container to keep the chains neat and tidy when the electric hoist is not in use. With so much choice, you will be able to specify the ideal hoist and trolley combination.  

Yale CPV/F Electric Hoist & Trolley Key Features

  • The Trolley possesses a travel motor with worm gear transmission
  • Smooth start up.
  • Self-braking 
  • Compact & robust with low overall height. 
  • Ideal for loads over 1000kg 
  • Motor protected to IP55 
  • Operating voltage = 400v, 3ph, 50hz.
Please note that Yale hoists and trolley's are not designed for use with any passengers.

Need More Information On Yale Trolley Hoist Systems?

At Lifting Gear Direct we want our customers to have all the information they need before they make a decision on purchasing an electric hoist. So if you still have questions, give us a ring on 01384 76961 or contact us online and we will get back to you with all the details. Also remember to get in touch if you need a quote for our inspection packages for electric hoist equipment.

Technical Data

ModelCapacity in kg/number of chain fallsChain dimensions d x p (mm)Classification FEM/ISOLifting speed       main lift m/minLifting speed fine lift m/minHoist Motor (kW)Motor Rating ED%Weight suspension lug (KG)Weight push trolley (KG)Weight         electric trolley (KG)
CPV/F 2-8250/14 x 12.21Am/M4820.37/0.0933/17192833
CPV/F 5-4500/24 x 12.21Am/M4410.37/0.0933/17192833
CPV 5-8500/15 x 15.1 1Am/M48 0.7550264149
CPV/F 5-8500/15 x 15.1 1Am/M4820.75/0.1833/17274250
CPV 10-41000/25 x 15.1 1Am/M44 0.7550284351
CPV/F 10-41000/25 x 15.1 1Am/M4410.75/0.1833/17294452
CPV 10-81000/17.1 x 20.51Am/M48 1.550587784
CPV/F 10-81000/17.1 x 20.51Am/M4821.5/0.3733/17597885
CPV 20-42000/27.1 x 20.51Am/M44 1.550638289
CPV/F 20-42000/27.1 x 20.51Am/M4411.5/0.3733/17648390
CPV/F 25-82500/111 x 31 82     
CPV/F 50-45000/411 x 31 41     


Capacity (KG)SizeBeam flange width b (mm)Beam flange thickness t max. (mm)Curve radius min. (mm) Electric trolley travel speed m/min at 50HzElectric trolley  motor kW at       50Hz 
500A58-180120.911 or18             0.09                 
500B180-300190.918 or 180.09
1000A58-180190.918 or 18/4.50.18 or 0.18/0.06
1000B180-300190.918 or 18/4.50.18 or 0.18/0.06
2000A58-180191.1518 or 18/4.50.18 or 0.18/0.06
2000B180-300191.1518 or 18/4.50.18 or 0.18/0.06
2500on request     
5000on request     


A3, mm199199228228263263
A4 (Size I), mm449449508508593593
A4 (Size II), mm  558558673673
A4 (Size III), mm  638638768768
A4 (Size IV), mm   830830968968
A5, mm365365389462460558
b, mmA = 58-180 B = 180-300A = 58-180 B = 180-300A = 58-180         B = 180-300A = 58-180         B = 180-300A = 58-180         B = 180-300A = 58-180         B = 180-300
H1, mm252524242323
H3, mm113113129129129129
H4 (VTG), mm959595959595
H4 (VTE), mm142142142142142142
I (Push trolley), mm727272729696
I (Geared trolley), mm767677779898
L (VTP/VTG), mm310310310310360360
L1, mm130130130130150150
L2 (CPV), mm  255255255255
L2 (CPVF), mm222222263263263263
L3, mm135135155155180180
L4, mm131131173161203203
O, mm606060608080
P, mm171171180180180180
P1, mm236236246246246246
S, mmb + 50b + 50b + 50b + 50b + 54b + 54
T, mm949494949494
tmax, mm 121219191919