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Yale cpv 10 8 electric hoist with integrated trolley

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Yale CPV 10-8 Electric Hoist with Integrated Trolley

Yale CPV 10-8 Electric Hoist with Integrated Trolley

With a relatively rapid lifting speed and a one tonne load limit, this hoist has all the hallmarks of yet another great product from respected brand Yale.
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  • Product Code: Yale CPV 10-8 Electric Hoist with Integrated Trolley
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Yale CPV 10-8 Electric Hoist with Integrated Trolley Specifications

Although it is part of the CPV/F range, this particular example comes with a single speed setting rather than a pair of operating options. It should have no trouble handling loads at up to 8 metres per minute, with its single chainfall and 1000kg capacity making it a practical option for workshops, warehouses and construction sites alike.

The power of this hoist comes from it 1.5kW motor, which is rated up to IP55 for protection against water sprays and dust ingress.

This is not a standalone electric hoist; instead it offers a built-in beam trolley. You have a choice of an electrically powered trolley unit or a push trolley that needs to be shifted via physical effort. Your budget and needs will determine which route to take.

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Model  CPV/CPVF 10-8
A3, mm 263
A4 (Size I), mm 593
A4 (Size II), mm 673
A4 (Size III), mm 768
A4 (Size IV), mm  968
A5, mm 460
b, mm A = 58-180         B = 180-300
H1, mm 23
H3, mm 129
H4 (VTG), mm 95
H4 (VTE), mm 142
I (Push trolley), mm 96
I (Geared trolley), mm 98
L (VTP/VTG), mm 360
L1, mm 150
L2 (CPV), mm 255
L2 (CPVF), mm 263
L3, mm 180
L4, mm 203
O, mm 80
P, mm 180
P1, mm 246
S, mm b + 54
T, mm 94
tmax, mm  19
Model Capacity in kg/number of chain falls Chain dimensions d x p (mm) Classification FEM/ISO Lifting speed       main lift m/min Lifting speed fine lift m/min Hoist Motor (kW) Motor Rating ED% Weight suspension lug (KG) Weight push trolley (KG) Weight         electric trolley (KG)
CPV 10-8 1000/1 7.1 x 20.5 1Am/M4 8   1.5 50 58 77 84