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Yale cpv 5 8 electric hoist with integrated trolley

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Yale CPV 5-8 Electric Hoist with Integrated Trolley

Yale CPV 5-8 Electric Hoist with Integrated Trolley

This single speed Yale electric hoist has an integrated beam trolley available as a push or powered model to give you complete control over how it handles. A 500kg load limit and a durable design help it to stand out from other electric hoist options.
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Yale CPV 5-8 Electric Hoist with Integrated Trolley Features of note

There are a number of aspects to the design of the CPV 5-8 which set it apart from its siblings, including its single chainfall with a half-tone WLL and its 8 metres per minute lifting speed offered by its 0.75kW motor.

Since a beam trolley is factored into its construction, with the aforementioned choice between push and powered options, it is easy to set up and start using safely.

Failsafe features such as electromagnetic brakes and a slipping clutch mean that accidents involving this hoist are incredibly unlikely. In all it is a good standard bearer for the entirety of Yale’s lifting equipment line up.

Competing hoists to consider

Yale may be a big name in the electric hoist marketplace, but the CPV 5-8 is not your only choice in this size and performance category.

Rival firms such as Verlinde and Kito are just a couple of the compelling alternative brands to check out.

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Model CPV/CPVF 5-8
A3, mm 228
A4 (Size I), mm 508
A4 (Size II), mm 558
A4 (Size III), mm 638
A4 (Size IV), mm  830
A5, mm 389
b, mm A = 58-180         B = 180-300
H1, mm 24
H3, mm 129
H4 (VTG), mm 95
H4 (VTE), mm 142
I (Push trolley), mm 72
I (Geared trolley), mm 77
L (VTP/VTG), mm 310
L1, mm 130
L2 (CPV), mm 255
L2 (CPVF), mm 263
L3, mm 155
L4, mm 173
O, mm 60
P, mm 180
P1, mm 246
S, mm b + 50
T, mm 94
tmax, mm  19
Model Capacity in kg/number of chain falls Chain dimensions d x p (mm) Classification FEM/ISO Lifting speed       main lift m/min Lifting speed fine lift m/min Hoist Motor (kW) Motor Rating ED% Weight suspension lug (KG) Weight push trolley (KG) Weight         electric trolley (KG)
CPV 5-8 500/1 5 x 15.1  1Am/M4 8   0.75 50 26 41 49