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Yale cpvf 50 4 electric hoist

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Yale CPV/F 50-4 Electric Hoist

Yale CPV/F 50-4 Electric Hoist

The largest of Yale s CPV/F electric hoist series, the 50-4 model offers optimum lifting performance, a durable design and a multitude of other perks to make it a top option for heavy duty operations.
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Benefits of the Yale CPV/F 50-4 Electric Hoist

When it comes to load capacity, the 5000kg WLL of the CPV/F 50-4 hoist is definitely a head-turning feature. A total of four chainfalls are combined to deliver this upper limit for safe lifting.

The speed of lifting achieved with this electric hoist can be varied according to the circumstances. For faster performance, the 4 metres per minute setting is preferred, while the precision of the 1 metre per minute mode is obviously an advantage alongside this.

Safety is increased by the inclusion of a clever brake and clutch system, avoiding slips during heavier lifts and letting you use this Yale hoist without worrying about the integrity of the cargo or equipment being handled.

Using the Yale CPV/F 50-4 Electric Hoist

A hoist like this can be harnessed in a number of environments, as well as being expandable via the high quality accessories we at Lifting Gear Direct can supply.

From lifting slings and beam attachments to entire gantries, the options are endless and our prices are always competitive.

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Model CPVF 50-4
A, mm 658
A1, mm 288
A2 (Size I), mm 580
A2 (Size II), mm 754
A2 (Size III), mm 854
A2 (Size IV), mm  
B, mm 37
B1, mm 33
C, mm 46
C1, mm 71
C2, mm 194
D, mm 35
D1, mm  25
E, mm  409
G, mm  179
G1 (Size I), mm 264
G1 (Size II), mm 264
G1 (Size III), mm 265
G1 (Size IV), mm   
H, mm 230
H2, mm 180
K, mm 335
M (Size I), mm  300
M (Size II), mm 300
M (Size III), mm  301
M (Size IV),mm   
N?, mm  299
CPV 50-4 dimensions
Model Capacity in kg/number of chain falls Chain dimensions d x p (mm) Classification FEM/ISO Lifting speed main lift m/min Lifting speed fine lift m/min Hoist Motor (kW) Motor Rating ED% Weight suspension lug (KG)
CPV/F 50-4 5000/2 11 x 31 1Am/M4 4 1 3.6/0.9 33/17