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Yale lodestar electric hoist model ll

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Yale Lodestar Electric Hoist Model LL

Yale Lodestar Electric Hoist Model LL

The Model LL from the Lodestar range of electric hoists has the same one tonne capacity as its more basic Model L counterpart, but boasts a more powerful motor and thus a quicker lifting speed.

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Yale Lodestar Electric Hoist Model LL Facts

All of Yale’s hoists are made with the utmost care and the most compellingly resilient materials. This means that the aspects which you need to consider when choosing between them all relate to performance.

In the case of the Model LL, the 8 metres per second lifting speed is an obvious advantage, doubling the productivity compared to some of its slower siblings. The 1000kg working load limit is also noteworthy, letting it take on slightly tougher lifting operations without breaking a sweat.

Housed in a light alloy case and able to resist the ingress of all sorts of unwanted materials, including dust particles and water, the hoist and the pendant that controls its operation are perfectly attuned to commercial use.

Usage options

There are lots of ways to use an electric hoist like the Yale Lodestar Model LL. You could attach it to one of our custom lifting gantry systems, for example. We offer mobile gantry cranes which are especially convenient and flexible, meaning your hoist does not have to stay fixed in a single position.

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There are two main ways to speak with a Lifting Gear Direct expert about your hoist needs. Sending us an email is one option, while calling us on 01384 76961 can earn you a response in real time.

Model Lodestar 500/1000
Frame type J, L, JJ and LL
A, mm 471
B, mm 194
C, mm 22
D, mm 241
F, mm 271
H, mm 30
J, mm 138
L, mm 184
M, mm 28
P, mm 198
AP, mm 271

Lodestar dimensions

Model Operating voltage Capacity (WLL) kg Falls of load chain  Lifting speed(s) m/min Load chain depth x pitch (mm) Hoist motor (kW)
LL 400V 3 Ph 50Hz  1000 1 8 7.9 x 21.7 0.75