Yale lodestar electric hoist model r

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Yale Lodestar Electric Hoist Model R

Yale Lodestar Electric Hoist Model R

The first of the Lodestar family of hoists to come with a two tonne load limit, the Model R is a  heavy duty contender in the competitive hoisting equipment market.

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Balancing act

In order to offer the aforementioned 2000kg WLL, the Lodestar Model R is equipped with two chainfalls rather than a single fall of the load chain that is often found in its more compact siblings.

Another side effect of this design is that the lifting speed is a little lower to ensure loads are handled safely and securely with such a chain setup. This electric hoist can raise cargo at 2 metres per minute, which should be a worthwhile compromise to make in order to get access to the significantly higher capacity that it brings to bear on lifting operations.

Stellar design of the Model R Lodestar Electric Hoist

The Lodestar Model R really earns its name thanks to the well thought out features and components that Yale has added to the mix.

The use of aluminium in the construction of the chassis is a sensible choice, allowing for a lighter weight build which is still resistant to physical knocks and scrapes. The lubricated gearbox offers consistent operation throughout the hoist’s lifespan, while the IP 65 rated control pendant is both intuitive to use and also suitable for surviving tough commercial environments.

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Model Lodestar 2000
Frame type R, RR
A, mm 613
B, mm 194
C, mm 28
D, mm 241
F, mm 271
H, mm 38
J, mm 165
L, mm 157
M, mm 33
P, mm 198
AP, mm 284

Lodestar dimensions

Model Operating voltage Capacity (WLL) kg Falls of load chain  Lifting speed(s) m/min Load chain depth x pitch (mm) Hoist motor (kW)
R 230V or 110V 1 Ph 50Hz  2000 2 2 7.9 x 21.7 0.75