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Yale lodestar electric hoist model rr

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Yale Lodestar Electric Hoist Model RR

Yale Lodestar Electric Hoist Model RR

Quicker to lift loads than the standard Model R, this more powerful edition is an efficient option for heavy duty handling tasks that commercial operators want to complete as efficiently as possible.

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Features of the Yale Lodestar Electric Hoist Model RR

Packing a load capacity of 2000kg, this electric hoist is one of Yale’s higher end models. The increased operational voltage means that lifting speeds of 4 metres per minute can be achieved at this upper limit. It has two chainfalls as standard and can be mounted in a variety of scenarios, perhaps making most sense when paired with a lifting gantry system.

Further specifications

The design of the Lodestar Model RR is definitely rugged, even if the attractive finish applied by the manufacturer also makes it look like a premium product. Its exterior housing is primarily made of aluminium, with an IP 54 rating achieved. The IP 65-rated control pendant adds to this reputation for durability, meaning that dust, dirt and water splashes should do little to prevent the hoist from operating safely.

Even with all of its hard wearing design quirks, the Model RR still manages to make maintenance easy. The transmission is fully lubricated and should last the life of the product, so long as it is not used outside of its operational parameters.

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Model Lodestar 2000
Frame type R, RR
A, mm 613
B, mm 194
C, mm 28
D, mm 241
F, mm 271
H, mm 38
J, mm 165
L, mm 157
M, mm 33
P, mm 198
AP, mm 284

Lodestar dimensions

Model Operating voltage Capacity (WLL) kg Falls of load chain  Lifting speed(s) m/min Load chain depth x pitch (mm) Hoist motor (kW)
RR 400V 3 Ph 50Hz  2000 2 4 7.9 x 21.7 0.75