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Camlok btg pipe lifting clamps

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Camlok BTG Pipe Lifting Clamps

Camlok BTG Pipe Lifting Clamps

The BTG pipe lifting clamps come as a set of 3 as standard complete with chain. Purchase today at great prices from Lifting Gear DIrect.
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About the Camlok BTG Pipe Lifting Clamps

These clamps are ideal for lifting and positioning concrete pipework in a vertical position, the pipe may be up to 2000mm in diameter and have a wall thickness of between 40mm up to 220mm. The safe working load is either 1500kg or 3000kg depending on the model.

The simple design means low maintenance and the parts can easily be changed by a competant person, of one of our qualified team here at Lifting Gear Direct.

Regularly used in industries such as, civil engineering, water and sewage plants, construction sites.

Model BTG1500/3 BTG3000/3 BTG3000L/3
A mm 135 180 180
B mm 75 100 100
ØC mm 18 26 26
D mm 180 310 310


Camlok BTG Pipe Lifting Clamps

Model WLL (KG) Jaw (Z) Capacity (mm) Mouth depth (E) mm Pressure line (F) mm Weight (KG) 
BTG1500/3 1500 40-120 165 100 34
BTG3000/3 3000 50-180 245 175 60
BTG3000L/3 3000 90-220 245 175 78