Contact FML Maxi Fork Mounted Jib Arm

Contact FML Maxi Fork Mounted Jib Arm

 FMXA forklift Crane Jib

Contact FMXA forklift Crane Jib

Extending Forklift Jib Arm - Contact FMX

The FMX forklift mounted Jib arm is raised and also extendable offering great versatility.

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Facts & figures for the Extending Forklift Jib Arm

The raised height gives the operator better viewing and the manually extending arm gives up to 1000mm extra length - 2000mm reach when closed and 3000mm reach when fully extended.

The lifting capacity depends on the capacity of the truck, and also which lifting position is used, there are 9 to pick from located along the arms. In order to comply with safe lifting advice when using a forklift and this attachment, adherence to capacity limits is key.

Easy drive-in fork pockets and heel retaining pin for securing.

2 hooks and shackles included.

More jib arms available

The Contact FMX is just one of the forklift attachments we offer in this category, with many other products from the same manufacturer lined up for your consideration.

Fixed carriage options like the Contact ERJ allow you to lift and lower loads weighing between 1 and 8 tonnes without having to worry about adjustability, if this is not a feature that is necessary.

The CMX offers similar flexibility in terms of its adjustments to the FMX but is also carriage mounted, meaning it sits in place of the forks rather than being affixed directly to them.

Our extensive equipment line up

Ordering lifting equipment and material handling products from LGD makes a lot of sense because of the extensive amount of choice that is available to you as a customer.

We offer load moving gear including pallet trucks, for example. We also produce own brand assemblies that are customisable and just as high quality as the alternatives.

Get advice & place orders

You can call 01384 76961 or email our team if you need to learn more about the Contact FMX extending forklift jib arm or the other products on our site.

ModelWeight KGC of G min (mm)C of G max (mm) ModelCapacity (KG) @ load ctr (mm) 
FMX 500-1.81178351032  100012501500175020002250250027503000
FMX 500-2.21228351032FMX 500-1.81100900720580500360330260210
FMX 500-2.72108281010FMX 500-2.2140011001000850750560440320230
FMX 500-3.12258281010FMX 500-2.7145012001100900840670490360270
FMX 500-3.52368281010FMX 500-3.11900150012001000900730580450370
FMX 500-4.42468281010FMX 500-3.520001600130011001000820670540460
 FMX 500-4.427002200185014001100900750620500
ModelTruck Capacity (KG) A hook height mmB closed length mmC  open length mmD fork spread mmF fork width mmE fork thickness mm 
FMX 500-1.820001912000300049612550
FMX 500-2.225001932000300049612550
FMX 500-2.730001762000300054612550
FMX 500-3.135001632000300054612550
FMX 500-3.540001372000300054612550
FMX 500-4.450001282000300054612550


Extending Forklift Jib Arm - Contact FMX dimensions

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