Deltafor cable puller winch

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Deltafor Cable Puller Winch

Deltafor Cable Puller Winch

Would you like to be able to pull loads as well as lift them? You can with the Deltafor cable puller winch. Lift loads up to 3200kg and pull even more in virtually any direction. Buy today from Lifting Gear Direct, the Uks leading Delta equipment importer.

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About the Deltafor cable puller winch

The Deltafor wire rope cable puller is a type of hoist come winch. It can be used to lift loads like a hoist or pull loads like a winch, just like the original Tirfor.

This quality product is available from Lifting Gear Direct in 3 standard sizes, each being able to pull much more than it can lift.

The DC0.8 can lift up to 800kg or pull up to 1300kg.

The DC1.6 can lift up to 1600kg or pull up to 2600kg.

The DC3.2 can lift up to 3200kg or pull up to 5200kg.

Should you wish to increase the lifting capacity then you will need to use the sheave block technique to transfer some of the forces implied, this is also used to change the direction of pull. This should be carried out by a competent person with training.

Deltafor Winch Key Features

Complying with the machinery directive 2006/42/EC the Deltafor wire rope winch can be used for numerous lifting, pulling and tensioning applications. It is really simple to use with the long lever pulling the rope through its parallel clamping jaws which have a large contact area for optimum strength and safety. With forward and reverse modes the cable can be pulled through either way aiding the any direction feature. Commonly used by Arborists and great for vehicle recovery and rescue operations the Deltafor is a great piece of kit and useful in many situations.

The housing is made from quality, corrosion protected aluminium which is robust enough for most tasks. Each cable puller from Delta will be delivered with 20 metres of quality wire rope complete with safety hook. This is the standard length although you can use unlimited lengths of suitable wire rope. Get in touch if you need longer lengths, we can supply the correct rope for this winch.

You will also get an operating instruction manual, test certificate and EC declaration of conformity with your delivery.

For more technical information and product dimensions please view the specifications tab above where you will find all the necessary information. If you need to know anything else about the Deltafor then just give us a call or drop us an email.

Similar Cable Winch Products

Lifting Gear Direct are able to offer a vast range of wire rope cable pulling machines as well as other Delta equipment in order to give you, the customer the best choice in one place. Our range includes an economy collection, winches from Yale and a selection of Tirfor winches most available to buy online right now at some of the lowest prices around. Whichever model you choose you can be assured of a a quality product suitable and safe for its intended purpose.

Model Lifting Capacity Pulling Capacity Steel Cable Diameter Tensile Strength Min. Breaking Strength of cable Forward Travel Net Weight Cable Weight
DC0.8 800kg 1300kg 8.3mm 1770 N/mm² 43.31 kN 52mm 6.5kg 8kg
DC1.6 1600kg 2600kg 11mm 1770 N/mm² 76.24 kN 55mm 12.5kg 18kg
DC3.2 3200kg 5200kg 16mm 1770 N/mm² 161.3 kN 28mm 23.5kg 24kg
Model A B C D E F
DC0.8 428 235 64 800
DC1.6 544 275 97 800 1200 25
DC3.2 660 325 116 800 1200 30

deltafor cable puller dimensions