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Kratos 2 point atex full body harness fa 10 109 00

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Kratos 2 Point Atex Full Body Harness FA 10 109 00

Kratos 2 Point Atex Full Body Harness FA 10 109 00

The Kratos FA 10 109 00 2 Point Atex Full Body Harness has Anti-static webbing.

  • Aluminium dorsal D ring
  • stainless steel buckles
  • front & rear D rings
  • Extension strap
  • Brand:: KRATOS
  • Product Code: Kratos FA 10 109 00
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ATEX 2 Point Full Body Harness

Products which comply with ATEX regulations are intended for use in environments where explosive elements are present in the atmosphere, which necessitates keeping spark risks to a minimum. This full body harness does just that, with a smart design and lots of practical features on offer. 

Key Features

Produced by Kratos, for all intents and purposes this is like other 2 point full body harnesses we supply at Lifting Gear Direct. It has adjustable straps at the shoulders, thighs and chest so that users are not restricted based on their dimensions. It has a sit strap for comfort and convenience. It has a pair of attachment points; one D ring at the rear and a pair of textile loops up front for added safety. 

Where it comes into its own is in its antistatic properties. Its materials will not generate static electricity while it is being worn, unlike untreated polyester harnesses intended for standard use. 

The other thing to note about this harness is that it has a maximum user weight of 140kg, which should not be exceeded to avoid compromising on safety. 

Compatible products

We offer a number of ATEX-approved height safety products, including karabiners to create connections that will be suitable for explosive atmospheres. 

Our full height safety gear range includes lots of other options, so if ATEX rating is irrelevant to your needs we can still help you out. 

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