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Kratos y fork atex web lanyard fa 30 403 15

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Kratos Y Fork ATEX Web Lanyard - FA 30 403 15

Kratos Y Fork ATEX Web Lanyard - FA 30 403 15

With a Y forked design and antistatic materials used in its construction, this safety lanyard will let you use a harness and fall arrester in an explosive atmosphere without putting yourself and others at risk.
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Benefits of the ATEX Y Forked Shock Absorbing Lanyard 

This shock absorbing lanyard is equipped with a pair of aluminium scaffold hooks; one at each end of its two forking polyester straps. 

These two straps join together and at the other end is a screw-locking karabiner, which is the ideal connector to link with an attachment point and leave in place for long periods without worrying about whether it is sturdily fastened. 

The main webbing element measures 44 millimetres across, while the shock absorbing element is included to decrease how much force is passed on to the user in the event of a fall. 

Because it is ATEX compliant, it is a specialist piece of height safety equipment that should grab the attention of customers looking for gear that will not pose a threat in hazardous industry settings. 

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