Kratos atex aluminium screw locking karabiner fa 50 103 22

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Kratos ATEX Aluminium Screw Locking Karabiner FA 50 103 22

Kratos ATEX Aluminium Screw Locking Karabiner FA 50 103 22

Aluminium Screw Locking Karabiner
  • Gate opening of 22mm
  • Minimum breaking strength = 20kN
  • Aluminium alloy material
  • Conforms to EN 362:2004 class B; En13463-1:2009 & EN13463-5:2009
  • Brand:: KRATOS
  • Product Code: Kratos FA 50 103 22
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ATEX Screw Locking Karabiner

Connectors for height safety harnesses are in plentiful supply here at Lifting Gear Direct, with this product from Kratos offering an ATEX-certified design and other appealing features of a practical nature. 

Quick specification rundown

Aside from its suitability for use in explosive atmospheres, which is obviously a big selling point in some industries, this screw locking karabiner is otherwise designed to be competitive with non-ATEX units. 

It has a 22.5 millimetre gate opening to ease with attaching it to other anchor points and components. It has a breaking strength of 23kN to ensure users stay safely secured at all times. It is made from an aluminium alloy which is both hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing. 

A screw locking karabiner is designed to be attached and then left in situ for longer periods, whereas an automatic locking counterpart, or something like a snap hook, will lend itself to more frequent detachments. 

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Karabiner FA 50 103 22 dimensions