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1000kg column mounted jib crane

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1000kg Column Mounted Jib Crane

1000kg Column Mounted Jib Crane

If you need a tonne of lifting power at your disposal, then our 1000kg column mounted jib crane models will be an essential investment. Custom made to order with many options to choose from.

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Quality is guaranteed thanks to the materials we use and the care we take when designing our lifting gear. We can even add extras, such as a crane hoist, to get your next project off the ground quickly. 

Key Features of Our 1000kg Column Mounted Jib Crane 

Column mounted swing Jibs can be fitted to upright columns in factories/warehouses etc. 

To get started, here is a quick look at the main benefits that come with every 1000kg jib we produce:

·         SWL of 1000kg

·         radius up to 5 metres

·         slewing range up to 270°

·         installation by our skilled team

·         load testing carried out on completion

·         yearly mandatory inspections offered 

In addition we can include a number of useful tools and accessories with your crane order. If you need a  hoist, for example, this can be specified in the design. Choose from brands like Demag, Yale and Donati for slick, consistent lifting performance that can withstand the test of time. 

If you already have a hoist, Lifting Gear Direct can integrate festoon systems and catenaries as part of the crane so that the cables can be managed effectively. We also stock beam clamps, isolator switches and plenty of other extras that will make a difference to productivity levels

Choose between over or under bracing to give you as much strength and clearance as you require. And if you have any questions, you can contact us using the information below to learn more about our custom-designed and manufactured lifting gear. 

Inspection, Servicing & Maintenance for Your 1000kg Column Mounted Swing Jib 

When you buy a bespoke jib crane from us, you do not need to go elsewhere for regular check-ups. Our team can come back and keep tabs on the equipment to ensure that it adheres to regulations. We can also carry out repairs and general maintenance duties so that you do not have to worry about any aspect of ownership. 

How to Get in Touch with Lifting Gear Direct

To order your 1000kg column mounted jib crane, or for advice on any other swing jib cranes or products and services that we sell through our site, there are a few ways to contact us. Send us an email with your question using the contact form, or pick up your phone and dial 01384 76961 to speak with a helpful member of staff.

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