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6 port manifold

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6 Port Manifold

6 Port Manifold

A hydraulic manifold consisting of 6 connection ports. The ideal way for multiple hydraulic cylinder connections. We have manifolds available as well as hoses and couplers and pressure gauges.

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About the 6 Port Manifold for Hydraulic Systems

This 6 port manifold is the largest in our collection of hydraulic manifolds at Lifting Gear Direct. They are ideal when you are handling large loads which need to be raised steadily and evenly without loss of balance. They are often used for levelling large objects.

Up to 6 hydraulic cylinders can be connected to this manifold with the aid of couplers; we can supply a few different varieties of these. Hydraulic hoses are another important piece of equipment when using manifolds; we have those too. Pressure gauges are also available should you need to keep a constant check on the pressures in each port.

More Hydraulics

Lifting Gear Direct has a great range of everyday hydraulic equipment at great prices. So whether you need cylindersbottle jacks or pumps, or some simple hydraulic fittings we can hook you up. Call us on 01384 76961 to speak to a member of staff should you have any questions. Contacting us via email can be completed through the rapid form or contact page. Buy it now is also another option.