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3000 kg over braced swing jib

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3000 kg Over Braced Swing Jib

3000 kg Over Braced Swing Jib

Our largest capacity over braced jib crane at 3 tonne SWL. It takes advantage of all the same customisation options as our smaller swing jibs, but with a higher load limit to cope with heavy duty lifting operations.

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3000kg Over Braced Swing Jib Features

This crane can be floor or column mounted and is available with beam radiuses to suit your requirements up to 5 metres. 

The SWL of this swing jib is what makes it unsuitable for wall mounting; if you are looking for an assembly that comes in this setup, then our smaller 125kg, 250kg and 500kg models will suit. 

Because it is over braced, the crane will be stable and safe, as well as providing unobstructed travel along the length of the beam for any attachments you choose to add to your order. 

Under braced cranes can also be found on our site, so whatever configuration you might prefer for your business, we can supply the lifting gear that will put a smile on your face. 

Choosing Optional Extras

Whether you pick a floor mounted 3000kg swing jib, or settle on the column mounted version, we can load it with additional components to make it even more practical from day one. 

This includes festoon systems, knockout switches, hoisting equipment and anything else you think will help you to optimise your use of your new lifting gear. 

A swing jib like this may not be mobile enough for your liking, in which case our other jib craneslifting gantries or floor cranes may be a better fit. 

Swing Jib Safety and Inspection Options

No matter which product you pick and how you customise it, remember to keep safe lifting practices in mind. It only takes a moment for accidents to occur, so it is best to plan ahead, train thoroughly and get regular inspections carried out. Luckily we can also test and check up on the swing jibs we supply, which should give you total confidence in the work we do. 

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