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Tiger Manual Chain Blocks

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From standard models to specialist chain blocks that can withstand hazardous conditions without breaking a sweat, it stands out amongst our chain block line-up as being ahead of the game in many respects. With 4 models to choose from with different properties, you are sure to find a Tiger manual chain hoist to suit your lifting requirements. Compare with our other types of block and tackle options to ensure you are choosing the best manual hoist for your needs.

Tiger Chain Hoist Products 

Tiger has a chain hoist range featuring the ever-popular TCB manual model. It can handle anywhere between 500kg and 30 tonnes, depending on the iteration you choose. It benefits from a reliable braking system and extra protections to prevent unexpected drops. The chain is fashioned from alloy and is available in a number of specifications to suit different lifting scenarios.  

Tiger Spark Resistant Chain Block


Its design means that it can be used in environments where combustible materials..

Tiger TCB Chain Block


 It still manages to pack a punch in terms of practicality thanks to its va..

Tiger SS12 Corrosion Resistant Chain Block


 For marine lifting applications, it will be the perfect investment. Availa..

Tiger ROV Chain Block


 This hoist is ideal for use with remotely operated vehicles (ROV) in deep ..

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About Tiger Manual Chain Blocks

Tiger supplies some of the world’s biggest companies with lifting equipment, so it is no shock to see that its selection of Tiger manual chain blocks is varied and competitive.  Here are a few of the main Tiger chain hoist models you will be able to consider when shopping with Lifting Gear Direct.

Tiger TCB Chain Hoist

Of all the Tiger chain hoists available, the TCB is the flagship model which sets the standard by which all of its stable mates are judged. Payload capacities range from 500kg right up to 30 tonnes, and in all cases, the design of the block is kept as compact as possible to avoid obstructions becoming an issue.

The twin pawl braking system benefits from double cover protection, keeping operators safe, and maintaining the stability of loads at all times. The load chains are made from alloy to ensure smooth, long lasting performance. When a repair or replacement is needed, the process of sourcing and installing spare parts will be simple, especially if you make use of the Lifting Gear Direct site.

If you need a chain block that is ATEX-compliant, the spark resistant version of the TCB is a good investment. It has the same variety of load capacities available but is prepped to prevent unwanted sparks from being created as it goes about its lifting business.

Tiger SS12 Chain Block

Brine poses a big problem for lifting equipment, as chain hoists tend to be constructed from metals which are likely to succumb to rust much quicker in this type of environment. The SS12 is a corrosion resistant hoist from Tiger that can actually flourish in marine ecosystems, benefitting from a lightweight design and the promise of 1000 hours of uninterrupted, uncompromised work.

Tiger ROV Chain Block

The models in this range are specially designed to deal with the tricky conditions that are encountered during subsea use. This manifests itself in a number of ways, from the marine-spec braking system to the corrosion-resistant coating that has been applied to all external components.

This is a chain block built for heavy duty work in some of the most demanding environments imaginable. As such the fact that the smallest of the bunch has a three tonne safe working limit is no surprise. With load capacities of up to 20 tonnes available across the ROV range, there is sure to be a unit that fits the bill for your business.

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