Tiger ss12 corrosion resistant chain block

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Tiger SS12 Corrosion Resistant Chain Block

Tiger SS12 Corrosion Resistant Chain Block

The Tiger SS12 chain block is fully corrosion protected with Tiger s organic corrosion protection formula enabling 1000 hours continuous protection in briny conditions.
  • Brand:: Tiger
  • Product Code: Tiger SS12 Corrosion Resistant
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 For marine lifting applications, it will be the perfect investment. Available with load limits of up to 20 tonnes, it can also tackle heavy duty handling tasks without compromising safety. 

Tiger SS12 Corrosion Resistant Chain Block Feature Breakdown

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Stainless steel fixing and fasteners.
  • Marine specific friction discs
  • Alloy steel triple spur gears and pinion shaft
  • Also available with stainless steel load chain or spark resistant hooks 

Tiger SS12 Corrosion Resistant Chain Block Benefits

First and foremost the resilience of this Tiger product is its biggest selling point. For offshore lifting applications, or those taking place in marine environments, its ability to resist common forms of corrosion in salt water will be a boon. 

Extending the life of this chain block has been achieved without relying on coatings which are themselves harmful to the environment. The organic formula developed by Tiger in-house is non-toxic and still provides excellent protection for the underlying metal of the hoist. Add in things like the marine spec disc brakes and you have a highly durable bit of kit that is built to last in some of the most extreme environments around. 

Corrosion Resistant Chain Block Options

The most compact unit in this range can handle loads of 500kg, with larger stable mates upping the ante with capacities of one to 10 tonnes. The 20 tonne flagship model has six chain falls and weighs in at just over 200kg in its own right, making the largest lifting tasks a breeze. Just make sure that the parameters of the hoist you choose match your needs, as this will limit risks while lifting. 

We sell lots of chain blocks on our site, with Tiger being just one of the brands represented. If you want to compare this model against other corrosion resistant lifting gear, check out the specially adapted Yale ITP unit. It benefits from a similar protective coating and is part of a wider Yale range

Talk to the LGD Team about Corrosion Resistant Chain Blocks

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Product Code Capacity (tonne) Dimensions (mm)
    A B C D E F F1 G
SCB-0050 0.5 89 67   50 80 29 25 305
SCB-0100 1 89 67   63 87 33 28 340
SCB-0150 1.5 93 73   75 105 38 34 385
SCB-0200 2 98 77   85 115 42 35 420
SCB-0300 3 109 84   98 157 40 35 550
SCB-0500 5 98 77   120 210 54 50 575
SCB-1000 10 109 84   153 263 60 54 660
SCB-2000 20 160 90   140 347 90 70 1050

Tiger SS12 Corrosion Resistant Chain Block dimensions

Product CodeCapacity (tonne)Effort (kg)Load ChainStandard HOL (m)Mass Kg @ std HOL
   Diameter (mm)No. of falls