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Tiger tcb chain block

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Tiger TCB Chain Block

Tiger TCB Chain Block

The Tiger TCB chain block is made from high quality materials, is lightweight and compact in design.
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 It still manages to pack a punch in terms of practicality thanks to its variety of load capacities. It also forms part of a wider range of Tiger hoist products, which includes ATEX rated adaptations

Core Features of Tiger TCB Chain Block

  • Available in lifting capacities from 500kg up to 30000kg.
  • Alloy calibrated load chain, can be chained to suit your needs.
  • Twin pawl brake with double cover protection.
  • Individual spares easily available 

Advantages of Choosing a Tiger TCB Chain Block

The most important perk of the design of this chain block from Tiger is that it is essentially simple and entirely oriented around smooth, safe lifting. It does not have a particularly visually arresting exterior, but what it lacks in aesthetic impact it more than makes up for in raw functionality. 

Another point to mention is that this unfussy approach also makes this hoist simple and affordable to maintain. Lifting equipment inspections are required to comply with safety regulations, so you will want to pick a chain block that can be repaired without costing you an arm and a leg.

 The sturdy braking system that comes with this chain block is a good reason to add the Tiger TCB to your wish list. It provides a means of preventing sudden drops, as well as putting operators in total control of loads at all times. 

Pick a Chain Hoist – General Use or Specialised Model?

The Tiger TCB chain block is offered across a range of load capacities, as mentioned above. However, this is effectively where its versatility ends, since it is not built to be especially durable in scenarios where the atmosphere is particularly harsh. For that purpose, corrosion resistant hoists like the Tiger SS12 are more suitable. Battling corrosion using special coatings can keep hoists usable after extended exposure to marine environments. 

Alternatively, you might need a chain block that boasts a higher load limit than is available as part of the TCB range. In this case, it is sensible to consider the Kito CB, which is a range that goes all the way up to 50 tonnes of lifting capacity before it runs out of steam. 

Confused by the Tiger TCB Chain Block Range?

You do not need to worry about which model to pick when you contact Lifting Gear Direct. Our team will give you chain block info, quotes and general advice when you call them on 01384 76961 or click through to our contact page and ask a question via email. We want to make the process as clear and uncomplicated as possible, so get in touch today.

Product Code Capacity (tonne) Dimensions (mm)
    A B C D E F F1 G
CB-0050 0.5 93 66   52 78   24 305
CB-0100 1 93 66   63 87   28 340
CB-0150 1.5 98 73   78 102   34 385
CB-0200 2 101 79   87 113   35 420
CB-020L 2 98 73   78 102   35 399
CB-0300 3 109 84   98 157   36 550
CB-030T 3 98 73   60 148   36 465
CB-0500 5 101 79   122 209   49 575
CB-0800 8 101 79   140 238   51 745
CB-1000 10 109 84   153 263   54 660
CB-1500 15 110 84   225 378   59 840
CB-2000 20 161 90   148 360   81 1050
CB-200T 20 161 161   383 383   81 1050
CB-3000 30 220 220   388 388   91 1200

Tiger TCB Chain Block dimensions

Product CodeCapacity (tonne)Effort (kg)Load ChainStandard HOL (m)Mass Kg @ std HOL
   Diameter (mm)No. of falls