Imer scaffold clamps

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IMER Scaffold Clamps

IMER Scaffold Clamps

This product is used for fitting scaffold hoists to a scaffolding pole. Commonly seen in use on full on building sites or on roofing projects.
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Imer Scaffold Clamps for Scaffold Hoist fitting. 

This set of scaffold clamps are sold together; they are connected by a steel rod at a pre-determined space in order to be compatible with Imer scaffold hoists. The clamps are simple to fit; they have two nut and bolts in each of the top and bottom clamps. These will need to be removed in order to fit the clamp to a scaffold pole. When in position the collar can be attached with the bolts and securely tightened. You should not rely on hand tightening alone, always use the correct tools. 

Once the scaffold hoist is fitted to the clamps they will begin to endure certain strains and forces, even more so when a load is being lifted. It is important to check the clamps at regular intervals to ensure they remain secure and the nuts are still tight. 

A further way to fit a scaffold hoist to a pole is to use the scaffold attachment pole for hoists which has the added benefit of evenly distributing the forces across the scaffold pole/tower. 

Other Scaffold Hoist Equipment 

Lifting Gear Direct can supply other types of accessories for use with scaffold hoists as well as supplementary lifting equipment such as slings and shackles which can help to connect the load to the hoist. 

Calling LGD 

01384 76961 is the number you need if you wish to speak to an advisor for help or more information. Our sales team will happily provide you with a quotation should you request it. You may wish to email us instead; this can be done by filling out the form on the contact us page.


Imer Scaffold Clamps
Max capacity  KG150
Weight KG25
Width mm/
Length mm/
Height mm /