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IMER External Prop

IMER External Prop

This IMER prop for external use is designed for use with scaffold hoists with maximum lifting capacities of 200kg. We have many Imer scaffold hoist accessories available.
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Ideal for installing hoists outside without over hanging support points.

Ballast box for weighting down (460mm x 2500mm x 415mm) 

This is a standalone external prop to support the use of a scaffold hoist where scaffolding is not accessible. 

Imer External Prop 

If you need to use a scaffold hoist but have no overhang support such as a scaffold pole then this piece of equipment from leading brand Imer could be the answer. 

The kit contains an internal prop which is adjustable to 2630mm and a conversion kit with the base extension and pole stabilisers; there is also a large ballast box which, when filled acts as a counter balance. 

This counterbalanced external prop is suitable for use with scaffold hoists with lifting capacities up to 200 kg, when the ballast container is sufficiently filled with suitable ballast. Refer to the manufacturers guidelines. 

The prop incorporates brackets to which you can fit your scaffold hoist. The ballast container measures 2500mm long by 460mm wide and 415mm high. 

Other Lifting Equipment 

To complete your lifting operation you may need additional lifting equipment such as slings and shackles, we can supply all manner of lifting gear and hoist accessories to compliment builders scaffold hoists. Brick baskets, buckets and carriers are just a few from our extensive range. We also supply a vast range of manual hoisting devices such a lever hoists, chain blocks and wire rope winches / cable pullers which could all be of use on a construction project. 

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Imer External Prop
Max capacity with extendible bracket hoist KG 200
Max capacity with fixed bracket hoist and swivelling extension KG 200
Max capacity with ext. Bracket hoist and swivelling extension KG 150
Weight KG 85
W/L/H (mm) 2505/1400/2630