Subsea lever hoist hacketts ss l5

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Subsea Lever Hoist Hacketts SS L5

Subsea Lever Hoist Hacketts SS L5

This is a second generation hoist for use topside and subsea and is the first lever hoist to be accredited by DNV-GL with saltwater immersion verification testing. This means the hoist can be used for a single immersion in salt water for 21 days or multiple immersions (not continuous) for 31 days.
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About the SS L5 Subsea Lever Hoist

The SS L5 subsea ratchet lever hoist surpasses the necessary International requirements for the UK, EU, AUS, USA & S. Africa. The topside and subsea lever hoist from trusted manufacturer Hacketts comes in a range of working load limits maxing out at 10 tonnes or 10000kg. The size of chain and number of chain falls increases as you go up in lifting capacity. 3 metres height of lift is standard, let us know if you need more. See the table below for all the details.

Incorporating a dual anti locking brake system the load chain on the SS L5 may be adjusted in free-wheeling mode without the brakes locking up. The pawl springs are stainless steel and are internally secured to minimise damage risk. All other internal springs, nyloc nuts and socket head screws are stainless too, including circ. clips for securing the pawls to the stands.

There is sintered/fused material directly on the ratchet gear for added friction. The material incorporates some grooves to allow water to run off more effectively.

In order to be usable under water, this subsea hoist has corrosion protection on the complete brake mechanism. The load chain, Stay bolt and chain stripper also have corrosion protection.

High performance waterproof grease is used throughout to ensure smooth operation and enhance corrosion protection.

An adjustable travelling end stop is a great addition as it can be placed anywhere along the slack load chain. This can be used to stop chain payout when in its rigged location if placed next to the main hoist body.

An overload limiter is available upon request.

KEY FACTS of the SS L5 at a glance

  • Dual Anti-lock brake system
  • Light load capability. (tested and certified at 2% of the hoist rated capacity)
  • Design and construction minimises the ingress of contaminating particles into the brake system and internal mechanisms.
  • Stainless steel pawl springs and other fixings.
  • The ratchet gear's main benefit is the sintered/fused friction material directly on gears. The grooves in the friction material enable water to disperse more effectively.
  • Both internally and externally corrosion protection.
  • Adjustable travelling end stop.
  • High performance lubricant spray and greases used throughout. 

Help or quote

Whatever your reason to get in touch, whether you need a straight forward quote or need some extra information or advice, just pick up the phone and call Lifting Gear Direct on 01384 76961. You could also email us through the contacts page. Remember, lever hoists are not all we do!  Check out our vast range of lifting gear and hoisting equipment for any additional items you may need. Repairs, breakdowns and inspections are also carried out by our trained engineers should you need this service.

Capacity (tonnes) No. of Falls Load Chain (mm) Standard Lift (m)  Nett Weight (kg)  Gross Weight (kg)
 0.8 1 5.6 x 15.7 3 6.9 0.7
 1.6  1 7.1 x 19.9 3 9 1.1
3.2 1 10 x 28 3 17 2.2
 6.3 2 10 x 28  3 33 4.4
10.0* 3 10 x 28 3 50 6.6


Capacity (tonnes) a (mm)  b (mm)  c (mm)  d (mm)  e (mm)  h (mm)
 0.8 146 119 42 245 27 280
 1.6 164 126 54.5 265 36 335
3.2 196 159 60.5 415 42 395
 6.3 196 218 85.5 415 52.5 540
10.0* 19 298 - 415 59 380

Subsea Lever Hoist Hacketts SS L5