Jdn profi 25ti 100ti air hoists

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JDN Profi 25TI - 100TI Air Hoists

JDN Profi 25TI - 100TI Air Hoists

The JDN Profi air hoist series is now available to buy from Lifting Gear Direct
  • Brand:: J-D-NEUHAUS
  • Product Code: JDN-Profi-25TI - 100TI-Air-Hoists
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About the JDN Profi 25TI - 100TI Air Hoist

The largest range of air hoists from the JDN Profi series.

25tonne up to 100 tonne capacities available. With 4 to 6 bar pressure required for operation.JDN Profi Air Hoist

Different types of control panels, including, radio, multi function, rope, single speed and sensitive.

Suitable for oil free operation, these hoists are robust, reliable and almost silent. They are used across many industries where hazardous conditions are found. These include oil, chemical, paint, aerospace, refineries, auto industries and many more.

These air hoists are easy to maintain thanks to its modular system and comes with a choice of trolley's, finishes, chain containers, hooks and controls.

Other key features include; fail safe starting, planetary gearbox, high quality load chain and hooks, overload protection, 100% duty rating, low headroom, low maintenance, sound absorption, insensitive to dust, humidity etc.

More Hoisting Options

There are many other types of hoisting equipment on the market and each have their own niche. Air hoists have a very specific set of requirements such as a compressed air supply, whilst electric hoists need electricity in a variety of power supply's. Then there are the manual hoists where no power is needed at all. So consider your options and browse our extensive hoist range to determine which type of hoist is best for your operation.

Call us if you need any guidance.

JDN Profi 25TI - 100TI Air Hoists dimensions

    25 TI 30 TI 37 TI 40 TI 50 TI 60 TI 75 TI 100 TI
A1 mm 1260 1470 1485 1930
B mm 827 935 950 1250
C mm 450 540 825
D mm 900 1080 1535
E1 mm 70 100 120
E2 mm 70 100 120
F mm 270 285 405 365
G mm 445 450 430 600
Type 25 TI30 TI37 TI40 TI50 TI60 TI75 TI100 TI
Air pressurebar6
Carrying capacityt253037,540506075100
Number of chain strands 23434
Engine outputkW6,39
Lifting speed at full loadm/min1,2510,750,70,550,450,530,4
Lifting speed without loadm/min2,41,71,31,331
Lowering speed at full loadm/min2,82,01,61,250,95
Air consumption at full load - liftingm³/min6,57,6
Air consumption at full load - loweringm³/min2,96
Air connection G 1½
Hose dimension (Ø inside)mm35
Weight at standard, rope controlkg55085094018002000
Chain dimensionmm23,5 x 6632 x 90
Weight of 1 m chainkg12,221,3
Standard liftm3
Lenght of control at standard liftm2
Sound level at full load - lifting1dB(A)7877
Sound level at full load - lowering1dB(A)8283