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Rud inox star stainless steel swivel eye bolt

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RUD Inox-Star Stainless Steel Swivel Eye Bolt

RUD Inox-Star Stainless Steel Swivel Eye Bolt

Up to 2.5 tonne rated loads can be handles with the RUD Inox-Star Stainless Steel Swivel Eye Bolt.
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About the RUD Inox-Star Stainless Steel Swivel Eye Bolt

The RUD Inox-Star Stainless Steel Swivel Eye Bolt is pentagonal in shape and rotates through 360 degrees.

Easy to adjust to the pull direction.

Eye body and screw made from duplex steel (1.4462) which has very good durability in salt water and areas with high chlorine ion concentrations.

Although the eye bolt swivels completely through 360 degrees you should set the direction of force prior to loading. This is because the INOX star must not be used when the load swivels. They are not designed for turning under load! This could make the eye bolt turn loose.

As with most eye bolts these can be used in singles or multiples. The latter being useful for larger loads. The slinging table must be referred to to ensure the lifting angles and safe working load limits are within the safe range.

The INOX star is available up to 2500kg SWL.

Other Eye Bolts / Lifting Points

We have numerous types of eye bolts available at Lifting Gear Direct. The swivel variety includes both screw in and weld on types. The standard eye bolt range includes dynamo eye bolts and collared eyebolts along with some for special applications. Lifting Slings and shackles can also be supplied with slings able to be made to your precise specifiations.

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Name Rated load F1 (t) A mm B mm C mm D mm E mm G mm K mm L mm M SW Weight (KG)
INOX-STAR M12 0.5 42 14 10 30 30 32 56 18 M12 8 0.2
INOX-STAR M16 1 49 16 12 35 35 37 65 24 M16 10 0.3
INOX-STAR M20 2 57 19 16 40 40 43 74 30 M20 12 0.6
INOX-STAR M24 2.5 69 24 19 48 50 53 92 35 M24 14 1

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